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Junya down shirt Noragi vintage jacket Thom shirt LVC’S Nike free
Collar is navy my dude.
Hey guys, included below are various jawns I am looking to part with for very fair prices! Note to buyers, multiple items can be combined for deals, shipping is included in these prices. I'm very fair and good to deal with, ask hundred on Sufu and here. Bedwin and the Heart Breakers x dickies corduroys from s/s 11 size 1 = 30 I bought these from Woodlands Shop and paid $165. They're a slightly cropped very high rise trouser fit with a very cozy hand to them. Waist:...
Just got them back from the Cobbler and swapped the Laces.
Tiny pants, tiny shirt.
Point is that they're cropped pants, they're meant to fit short. I think you misunderstood and took my post as being defensive, it just amuses me that my height is always discussed as if it's an issue and it really isn't so long as my whole outfits proportions are correct, which they indeed are.
I don't know why this conversation happens every time I post a fit, yes, I'm short. I have no need to hide it, why does everyone feel the need to do that? Backpack detail:
It is technically a hooded blazer, though thats on the other side, this is more the hunting jacket silhouette with the option to button, have never zipped it once in the past 2 years I've owned it.
Junya Watanabe reversible Aubin and Wills rollneck Bapex south2west8 backpack Junya Watanabe X Levis cords Junya Watanabe Boots
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