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Buy this, dudes! Super good price for a stunning piece.
Up for sale is a grail jil sander suit in size 44 upper 46 trouser. it's a feather light cotton that breaths better than you do and fits like a dream, as pictured above, pants are a little big on me. Measurements to follow: Trousers: Hem width: 7 Waist pulled flat: 16 shoulder:16 pits: 18.5 Body length: 30 I paid 850, I am asking $700--> $650--> $500, worn two times. Sidenote: You will never see this for sale again. This needs to go, contact me with...
A little undercover.
Me: Supreme bucket Visvim Nomad Thom Browne shirt White tee Junya Watanabe leather pocket jeans JP’s
Hello All, up for sale are 2 TB shirts I have out grown, or rather are now too large on me. Both of these retail for $275, and are not exactly easy to come by, I am asking $115 each, or $200 for both. The blue oxford has a white Gros. trim and has been slightly altered, 1.5 inch has been shortened, and the body has been darted slightly. As you can see, my tailor accidentally stitched over the tag so only half is showing, but this is an easy fix for around $5 tops. IT...
Female Beagle gang, ours:
Navy Visvim Nomad. Thanks to chewthing
Junya down shirt Vintage Noragi Thom shirt LVC 1947 Junya boots
Business Partner loves obscure shit so he showed me both it, and the Boards of Canada Mock up. It's in essence a shawl collar indigo work coat. It's what Boro is made from, wild stuff when you can find it.
ahahah busted, it is from One Got Fat, how the fuck did you know that? I will be posting a proper fit with it in the next few days, give or take.
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