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that shit is slick as hell, remember seeing it on the blogs and being tempted. Mr TOJ is helping me with a doper junya one though, so it might have to get passed on. edit: WHAT THE FUCK, SERIOUSLY MARK? 152K YEN? Wow. This dude can get fucked, that is insane.
dope, dry cleaning bill just plummeted, swag.
Quote: Originally Posted by tween_spirit I'm all about the hot wash / hot dry on any clothes I really wear. stuff like oxfords really benefit from it, but I guess like actual dress shirts and stuff I send out. throwing on a heavy weight TB oxford fresh out of the dryer.. mmm wait, seriously? Does this make them fit slimmer or anything> My blue could serve a good shrink. does it soften too? fuck, I don't know why this blew my mind.
Right now that is the plan, October and March or May, not sure. If I do I'll definitely be dropping you a line.
I made a tumblr last night, shit is fun as hell.
no they're fine, but bastian is a fuck.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet was at a party at Le Bain this weekend and the staff was outfitted in these.
pretty awful is what they would call it.
yuuuuuup, UK bound in August. I'm officially fucking broke forever.
Quote: Originally Posted by tween_spirit Decided to keep the EG pants, bucks. (sorry mikey!) Told you, bro! glad you kept them, fuck them up proper!
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