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This is one of those brands I've been keeping my eyes on, feel me, Pete? I really love the striped jacket and the D-ring and Mag-lite concepts are too fucking cool for a tailored piece.
Arigatou Drew-san! In navy. also, from the lady: also picked up a new lease, out this bitch tomorrow.
It pains me to say so but I have to sell my Bomber, those interested can see details, it's the exact sample for the updated A-2. I don't want to sell this but have run into financial obligations :\
Never worn, literally, this shit has been tried on once, got it in the mail like 3 weeks ago, just need to allocate these funds elsewhere, sorry drew. Fit is fantastic as you all know, measurements below: s2s is 16.5 p2p is 19.5 front length is 22 sleeve length is 27 Asking $550 shipped to you wherever you live. Cheers! Scott.
Just gonna grab a Junya Jacket off of TOJ Drew shortly, thats really it. Got an EG blazer down the pike too, and a watch, tailoring is my next main expense, gotta bring them sleeves up.
7-24-89 brother!
To be honest my birthday isn't until next sunday, but fuck it, live fast die young.
Part of my self birthday gift too UC charcoal trousers CDG Homme Plus charcoal trousers Sup raz?
Quote: Originally Posted by wEstSidE damn son. bape x DC came out like 4 or 5 years ago. ol skool. fuck the knicks. FUCK THE KNICKS, FUCK THE KNICKS. lol
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol Yep would live in this.
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