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So, Capsule was fun. Junya Bucket Maiden overshirt vintage chambray junya pants paint splattered birkenstocks. Thanks to gaws for the gif. edit: works fine on sufu, not sure why it's being such a problem here.
Hey Internet, These are a pair of McNairy New Amsterdam Benchmade in UK. They're a US8 and fit TTS. I wore these quite lightly, and they have a lot of life left. Let me know if you need more pictures or anything!! PRICE DROP TO 120 SHIPPED.
I'll buy it if you don't want it.
I can get the loss of details, but they're on my body, it's pretty clear how they fit..... also dying at the Aether comparison.
Maiden Noir shirt Porter x Maiden Noir keyfob and card case.
Yea, Unis fucked that up big time ahahah.
Maiden Noir Overshirt Vintage MIJ Chambray Junya jeans Duckie Brown modified bucks
Buy this, dudes! Super good price for a stunning piece.
Up for sale is a grail jil sander suit in size 44 upper 46 trouser. it's a feather light cotton that breaths better than you do and fits like a dream, as pictured above, pants are a little big on me. Measurements to follow: Trousers: Hem width: 7 Waist pulled flat: 16 shoulder:16 pits: 18.5 Body length: 30 I paid 850, I am asking $700--> $650--> $500, worn two times. Sidenote: You will never see this for sale again. This needs to go, contact me with...
A little undercover.
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