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All pieces are listed for sale with further details on Grailed: feel free to DM me here.
A recent snap from Capsule: CDG Ovadia Cons 70s
Just resurrecting my account to let y'all know I'll be djing this.
BBBF items have sold, considering adding Soloist shirt, pants, and hat. PM for details.
Hello All, below a various items I am looking to sell, and I am looking to sell them swiftly. Please contact me with any questions or concerns. All pieces are in great condition, all prices include shipping. Junya Watanabe F/W 10 Down Duffle This piece is incredible. Warmest jacket I own, but I honestly just don't wear it much. Black soft wool, down fill. Red lining and blackwatch hood liner. Retail on this piece was over $2k. This is tagged a Medium but fits a 46 best....
Does anyone know where I could find the iridescent twill Andover in the tan-ish colorway in XS?
Rad MMM Suede 5 zip that is in used condition but for a stupid good price: $595!
Hello All, Below is a Junya Watanabe Blazer for sale. Made of a beautiful Olive wool, this is one of Junya's best blazers. Of the 3 I own, this one is my favorite but it just doesn't suit me properly as it once would've. It fits slim and cropped, perfect for a 44 or 46. There is a pair of red panels on the back which are vibrant and almost scarlet in person. This blazer was only carried at the CDG store in NYC as far as NA goes. Below are images. Fabric...
hey all, below for sale is a visvim Nomad I bought from Chewything. I have barely worn it, and frankly I just am not that into tech shells it turns out. I'd like to get $600 for it. This was an FIL Exclusive and I've never seen it on YJP or other forums. Looking for a quick sale so please pm. gore tex is in fantastic shape, as are all seams.
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