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Size 30 pants are nearly gone. 31 are running low too. As you go higher up in sizes there's more left though. You have to be pretty careful though because some stuff is damaged or irregular. There were very few outerwear pieces, one anorak and some stuff that never went into production. There are a ton of shirts left though.
Mr. Porter had the best deal (30% off) for Black Friday. Keep in mind, with tax that's still like $900.
So...60/30's are on sale on Outlier..
Its hard to answer because everyone has different tolerances. That said, the Galvanic is for cool, wet weather. It has significantly less insulation than a Patrol, IS Field etc. You should not being looking to that jacket for a "winter coat". Also, everyone misses this but the Galvanic has a bonded cotton outer which basically makes it a Mac - ie. you should treat it more delicately than a Patrol, IS Field Jacket, etc. I love the Galvanic in "sand" color but that...
Anyone know when and how much for Barneys (and is it different instore and online)? Want to cop a veilance insulated field jacket but 30% off at Mr. Porter is still too expensive.
Bump - just random inquiries so far.
Had bunch of inquiries but flaked. Still available and open to reasonable offers.
I'm sort of a lurker but I'm down from about 6:30 on (down for food too)! Just moved Tokyo > NYC as well so would be cool to meet new people.
I got caught in a 25 minute Typhoon walking to work in Tokyo and mines still fine. The lamb will loose its high gloss shine after it gets wet but thats inevitable.
For those of us who already have a gore-tex shell is their much argument for also getting an insulated field jacket? I was toying with the idea of getting one this year but it seems like you could layer any slim insulator jacket under a shell and get exactly the same function + the ability to use it just as a rain jacket. Ended up deciding to save money and just suffered through the NY winter but next year am planning to drop 150 on a down liner to toss under my Nomad and...
New Posts  All Forums: