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Quote: Originally Posted by emmanuel and I am not going to lie... it makes me feel good to wear something designer rather than a no name whatever. (yes I would rather wear an OTR Kiton suit rather than have a spectacularly tailored bespoke suit made by an independent tailor just so I could have the words Kiton on the inside of my jacket) That's funny, I like having my name on the inside of my jacket!
Pizza Party? Can I get mine without anchovies? Oh, and the shoes you want are called Ferragamo. Now go extra on the cheese ok PP?
Square, no question. Yet, I pray I never see another fop match his square to his tie.
I like it. I wouldn't change a thing!
AE has been making shoes in Italy for some time. I bought a pair of bruzzano loafers back in 2000, which have survived to this day and they clearly say 'Made in Italy' on the inside.
The beauty of a deep navy suit is in its versatility. It's sophisticated and formal, but goes with nearly anything. Color can be relative so the best way to draw out the blue in a true navy suit is through using other blue tones either in the shirt or tie. I agree with the above poster, dark blue is NOT navy blue. There is not enough distinction between the two amongst designers and most consumers.
Quote: Originally Posted by ziggysnorkel I wonder why Loro Piana gets such a bad rap. I've only owned non suiting clothing from their fabric and their material seems great to me. Maybe everyone who has commented about their bad experience with Loro Piana use summer weight fabrics which tend to be thinner and wear faster. Surely Loro Piana couldn't have done as well as it has with fabric that wears poorly. Loro Piana wouldn't have the...
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba fuck that... A class act to the last...
Could you try to eschew the profanity in favor of some nouns and adjectives when you post.
It should but the most important thing with the Park Avenue is the fit from the ball of the foot to the heel. Don't worry if there's a bit of extra room in the toe box. That's just a result of the long, narrow last they use.
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