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Brooks Brothers has always represented the upper end of American menswear. In the past decade they have managed to woo a younger set of buyers while still retaining their classic American prep image. They were and still are, to a large degree, synonomous with the sack suit. But in the last five or six years they have expanded their marketing to younger men who like a slimmer cut suit. I don't wear ready-to-wear suits so I cannot vouch for the quality but in my opinion...
My favorite pair of shoes that I've ever owned are a pair of black, wing-tip Florsheim Royal Imperials from their Made in Italy line. The leather fits like a glove around my foot, better than shoes I own that cost five times more. I paid about $120 for them in 1995. I still wear them to this day and they are only now getting to the point of needing re-crafting. Sadly, the Florsheim of today is a sad shadow of itself even 14 years ago. I believe they've only been able...
Amazing how one small piece of cloth can befuddle the masses so. A white linen pocket square folded in the tv style is the simplest, and most elegant fashion accessory a man has, period. Yet, there are dozens, perhaps hundreds of different colors and folds to experiment with. Better still, as long as you are not like the typical fop who fancies himself clever by matching his tie to his pocket square, there are no real wrong ways to wear the square.
Quote: Originally Posted by jbbreau Thank you for that, I'm sorry if my question seems stupid but you don't learn if you don't ask... Could you elaborate a little bit more on that please, is it solely because of the brand name or is there something about the suit or jacket itself that makes it inappropriate ? Quote: Originally Posted by rioni junk I think Rioni's eloquence is all the elaboration that is...
If one planned on going yachting, then I suppose Nautica would fit the bill. I don't think I could expect anyone to take me seriously if I were wearing a Nautica suit or sport coat in any business setting.
Lacoste or Ralph Lauren. My question would be if you have a bunch of Polo by RL, why want more of another brand? In my opinion, you can cover all of your polo needs through those two brands.
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel That was an excellent little piece. I agreed with it totally except for the author's allusion to the "silk" square. Although most of my squares are silk, excellent squares can be linen (which some cognoscenti find more subtly elegant than silk) and cotton. I believe there are squares made of wool as well although I do not own any, nor do I believe I have ever even seen any. I don't consider wearing a matching tie...
I say damn the torpedoes and rock the pocket-square! In all my years in the business world, I've never heard of anyone not getting a job because they wore a pocket-square to the interview. The very idea of that is absurd.
Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer Thanks for the info. Sounds like it might be worth waiting. And thank you for predicting my next question. Sounds like it might not be worth waiting. Some are; some aren't. Why be so quick to generalize? I think this one is quite striking. The only catch is that that suit will never look as good on you as it does on the model, but a MTM or bespoke very likely would or come quite close.
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