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This has to be the most common, and one of the most annoying, threads on SF. You would think that these smart, young kids would realize they are not trailblazers and would use the search function. This is so needlessly redundant it hardly bears mentioning. First, you are a college kid with college kid money. So what makes you think you need to be worried about finding a good tailor? Young interns who dress modestly and conservatively but who work their ass off make...
This is really a dispute that centers more around behavioral economics than expertise in clothing. It's not a question of which is better, its a question of how the consumer has been programmed to think about consuming a particular item. When the average American needs to pick up a consumer staple, the first place they head for is Wal-Mart. There may be a mom-and-pop store a block from their house but they've been programmed to go to Wal-Mart so that's where they go....
Pat Riley used to do it all the time and did it effortlessly. Google just about any pic of him and you'll see what I mean.
Quote: Originally Posted by emmanuel I do it all the time and I hate it when people ask me why I am dressed up! Dressed up for me starts at wearing a suit. That comment is incredibly irritating!!! That's because you're trying to look dressed up without people noticing that you are. Hence your annoyance. There is no logical reason to pair a suit jacket with a pair of jeans other than if you're making a pathetic attempt to dress up the jeans....
I've said it before and I'll say it again, people who try to pair a true suit jacket with a pair of jeans present themselves as a sartorial centaur. In other words, they look stupid.
For God's sake, son, get some decent shoes first! If you wore square-toed shoes to my office I'd send you home! You could be wearing a Brioni but with those shoes anything you wear is going to look jacked!
Why anybody would pay $1,000 for an OTR suit is beyond me, but if you have your heart set on doing something stupid with your money go with the Polo RL.
I always get Joseph A. Bank and Joseph Abboud mixed up! Not that it really matters mind you, since they both suck.
Mike, aside from the ripples in the back, I don't see anything really wrong about it. I'm not a tailor so I don't know how one might fix the problems on the back of the coat, but from the front and side views, the suit looks exactly like what it is: a traditional Brooks Brothers with a very conservative cut and shape. I would have your tailor address the ripples on the back of the coat. I also think the break on the trousers looks okay. Just a side note, you might want...
With the exceptions of a select few, the semi-finalist contestants are horrendous (and not much less ridiculous than Vox's purposefully facetious entry). Typically Esquire!
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