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If you have $800 to spend, then contact your local made-to-measure concern and have a suit made for you! You'll only have to pay half up front and then half on delivery and chances are if you approach it in that way then you'll be able to spend more than just $800. $1,000 will get you a very nice MTM suit. I'm sure you can afford $500 up front and then another $400-500 in 4-6 weeks. OTR is a waste of money! Never ever buy OTR suits when you can make an investment in...
I just commissioned a grey w/ blue pinstripe suit to be made out of Loro Piana Four Seasons 130s cloth from my friend David Strange who owns Diamond Clothiers in Jacksonville. The suit, custom-made, with all the bells and whistles was about $1,700. I also picked out a few Feretti ties to go with my new suit. Out the door it was $2,300 and some change. I'm not as interesting as the most interesting man in the world, but I dress a helluva lot better!
Quote: Originally Posted by BigRed Hello, Can the experts please tell me how the RLBL suits compare to Canali suits? Thanks.. Why would you want to waste your time with either one when you can buy a custom suit for that amount? OTR sucks! I don't care whether its Brioni, Canali, Armani, or Ravioli, a custom suit that is made just for you will ALWAYS fit better than an OTR created from a generic pattern! If you've got $1,500 to spend on...
Quote: Originally Posted by Geoff Gander Yikes...corrected grain leather...glued on rubber sole...I know budgets can be tight, but in my honest opinion (having worn Bostonian, Florsheim, and other brands) you're wasting your money. Those shoes will fall apart after about a year of regular wear. Even Loake's L1 line, which is corrected grain but properly leather-soled, would be a better buy for you. You can get a pair online for just under 80...
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal_1 If you think any one of these outfits looks good, then you have very questionable taste!
Yeah because there are a bunch of nancy boys on this forum who have nothing better to do with their lives than ogle a guy's clothes.
You all are absolutely pathetic! Please take Vox's d!ick out of your mouths.
My tailor just showed me some new fabric from Loro Piana called, "The Lightest." True to name it is very, very light at only 5oz. My tailor told me it's a 90% wool, 10% silk blend. Living in Florida that weight will certainly prove useful in the summer months. Loro Piana also recently came out with a cloth its dubbed as "The Wave" which is a 75% wool, 15% mohair and 10% silk blend fabric. At only 7.5oz its almost as light as "the lightest" with some added sheen to it...
My good man, you are a perfect candidate for made-to-measure. Save a couple hundred bucks from your paycheck over the next few months and go get yourself a MTM suit. You'll be glad you did since OTR doesn't fit you well.
Any slicker and you'd be the Exxon Valdez.
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