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Of Vox, I will only say this: it appears he joined in Jan 2007 and in that time made approx 25,000 posts. If one's life is so trite and devoid of purpose that they can turn their attention to an internet message board an average of 17 times per day, to discuss something as relatively inconsequential as clothing, then said individual needs to spend more time pursuing something of value to the greater good. Perhaps that's what he has decided to do, if so then good for...
Hope that wasn't the day you tried going commando!
If that's how it looked in the catalog what would make you think that it would look (or wear) any better in person?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fred H. I'm not in agreement with this statement at all. I am almost a PERFECT 46L. The HF Madison fits me extremely well, with only minor modifications. The suits are very well made and can often be found at very generous discounts. Now if you are NOT near a standard size, then your opinion makes sense. But for many of the rest of us it does not. Oh, and BTW, I placed THREE orders with one of those "dirt-cheap" tailors in...
Take your $1,100 and get a made-to-measure suit instead. You'll have a garment that was custom made just for you!
My opinion is that any OTR suit is crap! With access to dirt-cheap tailors in Asia, not to mention the quality (but pricey) tailoring available here in the States, you can get a made-to-measure suit for less than or equal to OTR that will be far superior to any mass-produced OTR product. When people buy OTR they do so because they a) care more about the label than anything else or b) want to justify their previous behavior by continuing to do what they've always done....
Awesome news! I have a pair of Bruzzanos that I had worn out and didn't really know what to do with, but couldn't bear to throw them away. Glad I held on to them for these past couple years. Kept thinking I'd breakdown one day and buy a pair of Veronas to replace them with but now I won't have to.
Upon a recent visit to the AE store in Orlando, I was told by the associate there that he had just learned that AE Italian-style shoes could now be recrafted. Has anyone else heard this? I'm kind of in doubt on this because I would think that if it were, indeed, true then AE would be advertising it on their site. But, on the other had, why would a sales associate who works in an AE store provide me with misinformation. Can anyone validate this?
I'd like to revive this conversation and add to it by noting that the style of suit you wear to the office is going to have a large impact on the type of shoe you wear along with it. For example, I wear the AE McAllister (which is a highly brogued, wingtip) to the office roughly three times a month but I do so with a solid or patterned (windowpane, check, etc.,) light-to-medium grey suit or a patterned navy suit. In other words, I wouldn't wear a brogued wingtip with a...
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