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You'd be a lot better off, pal, by contacting the Custom Hatter based in Buffalo, NY. He's the guy who did Indiana Jones' fedora. Do a Google search and you'll find him. He made me a custom fedora for me for around $300 and some change about 13 years ago and it fits like a glove. The best part is all I had to do was send them the circumference of my noggin and two pics and he did the rest. If you wear fedoras, you need to deep six the OTR crap and get a custom hat from the...
Just another reason why I'll stick with Allen Edmonds!
Seiko is the Allen Edmonds of watches. I wear both.
I never get sniped because if it's an item I really want then with about 15 seconds to go I always throw an extra zero onto my bid. Nobody has time to substantially run up the price nor can anyone outbid me. Perfect system.
Quote: Originally Posted by Orsini Just to comment on the photo, rather than the text of the post, remember that in To Catch a Theft, in this scene, Mr. Grant's character is at a beach resort during the day in the mid 1950's about to call on a lady fair (day resort romantic social). You can also see he is also wearing an ascot or neckercheif and, thus, his neck is not exposed. And note that the waistband is not exposed and that there is plenty of material...
Quote: Originally Posted by epa Interestingly, everytime the issue of suit sans tie comes up, there is a photo of Mr. Pitt. While in the above photo the suit does maybe look a bit awkward and you might feel inclined to ask for "more cuff", there is a photo which I have seen several times in this forum, from Cannes a few years ago, with A.J. A kind of light or medium grey suit, I think it was Tom Ford. It looked great. So it is clearly possible to look...
You need to learn how to dimple a tie. Try again.
Sorry, but I just don't see the point in waiting weeks or even months to save one or two c-notes on a pair of shoes that only cost three bills brand new. If your budget is so jacked up you can't afford to drop three hundred dollars on a pair of shoes then you need to be shopping at Payless and wearing Florsheims.
Use the skills you learned when they taught you Westlaw and do a search, F. Lee Bailey. This topic has been discussed by so many ivy league law students there's a groove in the carpet. Incidentally, unless the U. of Chicago or Stanford has been added to the Ivy League, ALL Ivy League schools are on the east coast so you were a bit redundant, counselor. Might want to watch that in the future on your briefs.
With all due respect to Mr. Brosnan, this look is for pimps and gigolos. Unless you're as cool as this guy: Uploaded with then the tie-less look is not for you!
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