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Personally I really like Zara and think that it is a great place for some suits but I think as others mentioned Nordstrom Rack or Off Saks would be a better place to find a well priced slim suit. Especially sense Off Saks always has some kind of sale, you can easily use one of the 20% or 30% off coupons for great savings on your suit. I am not sure how different the stock at different Zara's throughout the country is but I was at Zara last weekend, the Georgetown Store...
I am looking to get on you all's level!! Anyways here goes...... 10 suits from various makers 3 Blazers various makers 60 dresss shirts mostly Ralph Lauren with 2 custom made 8 pairs of dress pants 100 ties including silk knits and bow ties 9 pairs of dress shoes
If you have any additional questions regarding your Blackberry I would recommend that you check out www.pinstack.com. Any and everything you ever wanted to know about a Blackberry is available on that site. I also have a BB 8830 World Edition so if you have any additional questions about this particular phone or are having problems I would be glad to be of some assistance. Enjoy your new phone.
Today I was getting ready to hang up my suit and decided to inspect some tan trousers that I recently noticed had some small holes in it at the bottom of the leg. I originally thought that the holes may have come from moths, but I always thought the moths that eat clothes are the huge moths you see flying around. Anyway as I was looking at the bottom of the pant cuffs where the holes were I looked over at the other at the other pant leg and to my dismay there was another...
Yes, that is certainly possible. Any competent tailor should be able to shorten overcoat sleeves for you.
Prices on the polos at the Burberry outlets are $60. And it is usually for these polos that they don't carry in stores, not the ones with the nova check on the inside placket. On the raincoat the only way I know how to get them cheaper than at the outlets is at the clearance center at the Woodbury Common outlets in NY. They sell the raincoats for $199.
Are you all sure that the $ 145 model has Mother of Pearl buttons. I am familiar with the different shirts you are referring to and it is my undestanding that ther $145 features shell buttons and not MOP. I am actually wearing a pink version of that particular shirt right now. Besides the aforementioned higher quality fabric and buttons, the shirt also features a butterfly gusset with the polo logo embroidered on one side. But when I have seen them at TJ Maxx, they...
I visited the Ralph Lauren Factory during their Memorial Day sale last Friday. I was actually not very impressed with the selection. Although they had numerous sizes the selection itself seemed rather limited. Additionally the prices were not as good as I had hoped they would be. The Keaton spread collar shirts, for examples were selling for $199.99, which didn't seem like a very good deal. Although I did find a white shirt for $89.99 other than that, the rest of the...
Thanks for the heads up, as I will definitely be at Desert Hills Premium Outlets on Friday morning to take advantage of all the great Memorial Day sales!! I am so excited that I can hardly contain myself.
Quote: Originally Posted by victory The outlet directory says it's set to open May 12. That is GREAT news because I will be going to Los Angeles on May 16 through May 30, and I would hope that these outlets are open by then.
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