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Quote: Originally Posted by andrewm Their clothes are decent but what I really liked was their customer service. Really helpful, friendly people when I went in. I got a decent sweater for $20 I think. That was maybe two years ago though so I don't know if any of that has changed. Ditto everything you said on their customer service. It is the best I have experienced in recent memory. Not only is the staff knowlegeable and friendly but they...
Any solid pink available???
Quote: Originally Posted by dkzzzz I used to like Nicaraguan tobacco too unfortunately quality of curing went down in last yeasr drmamtically. Even Padron Anniver. 1929 tastes like mud. Has anyone tried R&J mini Churchills? It seems like a prefect robusto size...I liked original churchills frm years ago ,but never tried this new short version... As far as Dominican smokes are concerned any cigar with two paper rings is superior to cigar with one...
I have solid navy, lime green, green, black, orange, aqua, and silver....navy is my favorite but black is up there too. I just need a solid pink and will be good to go.
Quote: Originally Posted by lpresq They sent out a $25 off $125 with their latest catalog. However, it seems the quality of JCrew/BR/Polo continues to decline, yet their prices sky-rocket. Jcrew and Polo shirts used to last for years, but now you're lucky to get a season out of them.....kinda sad, actually. It's interesting that you say that. I have numerous Polo dress shirts and think that they hold up well. They are all still in very...
They do have a great sale going on there!! I have been looking for a nice camel overcoat and haven't found the one I have been looking for in my size yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf C&J rubber soles seem pretty ok so far for trudging around in the rain. Never tried with snow though. I've never spent more than $30 on a PS I'd like to see some cheaper and more simple tie clips, like the swatch of the tie clip world. All the ones I see these days are too over the top. I second that!! I have never paid more than $30 either!!!
I personally like Zara clothing. I think they have some of the most stylish clothing in their price range. I have a black suit from Zara that has held up extremely well and is probably the most slim fitting suit I own. I visit their stores whenever there is one in the area, as I personally think their clothing is about Banana Republic quality for less. I will say though, that some of their items are very poorly made. I bought some Zara shoes because I wanted some good...
full cutaway spread collar!!!
That Cole Haan rain mac is a great purchase!! I have the exact same coat and constantly receive compliments when wearing it. Plus not only does it repel water extremely well, it also repels stains astonishingly well to be a light colored jacket.
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