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Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso Au contraire. A high waisted, pleated trouser with a bit fuller cut would actually be the best choice for prominent hips. Anything less would accentuate your hips. That is exactly what I thought also. I have been told by numerous sales people that pleats are designed to hide weight. Flat front pants are for thinner people from what I understand.
I always use brass collar stays. I didn't realize that they cause the shirt collars to wear out faster though. I use JOS A BANK brass collar stays, as they were only $5 for a set of 12, with three different sizes, might I add, at the outlet. I also have a pair of CT collar stays, which are wider than the JOS A Bank pair.
I love the windsor knot. Even when I try to broaden my horizons and tie the four in hand, I ususally re-tie the tie with the windsor knot during the day. I just don't like the fact the four in hand is asymmetrical. Looks foolish to me.
New Posts  All Forums: