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I think you might have misread the phrase. They offer their shirts in what the call "double cuff" or "single cuff."
Those who mentioned Chaps were correct in saying that it is licensed. Chaps is no longer made by Ralph Lauren. Also the Lauren name is licensed, it is no longer made by Ralph Lauren.
There's always Burberry.
What you are referring to is collar roll, if we're on the same page. You can take the jacket to a tailor and they can correct it for you. They basically take the collar of the top and cut a piece out of the top to make the back of the jacket tight and eliminate the collar roll.
Where can we find those shoes for sale?? Do you know anywebsites that carry those shoes?
Yes. They silk knots sold by various vendors for a wide range of prices. I purchased mine from ebay because the seller had more colors available than any where else. Some shirts of my shirts actually came with free pairs.
I actually have a couple of the single color big pony polos and I truly love them. It's not just the fact the logo is larger, it is something different, and that's why I like them. I just don't understand why someone would want to pay in good money for a shirt EVERYBODY else has. That's why I bought the big pony shirts. Anyway, I ordered 2 multicolored big pony shirts off ebay, and altough very good, they were fakes. I called Polo to verify this. After going back and...
Quote: Originally Posted by diorshoe lobb, c&j, allen edmonds , edward green, santoni fam, lattanzi, borgioli, martegani, mantellassi, peal, are some brands that use premium leathers. brands like johnston murphy, cole haan, ecco, bostonian, florsheim, rockport, use poorer quality leathers. also there are brand names that use a range of qualitative leathers like ferragamo, gucci, prada, tods, even cole haan, allen edmonds, moreschi, magnanni,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso The knots that I received from the Chinese vendor lacked the luster of my other knots, the silk had somewhat of a matte finish. I also found that the tighter linkage between the knots makes them more difficult to put on the shirt. I actually like the tighter linkage. I prefer my cuffs to be pinched together.
$400 for an UMBRELLA??
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