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I just received the second of two shirts I ordered from Nialma and must say I am extremely impressed with the quality as well as well as the fit of the shirts. The collar on the first shirt wasn't quite as spread as I wanted so I let Stuart know and he sent me a new collar a new collar to swap out the old collar. The fabrics I selected were from the premium line and are very soft. I will definitely be ordering more shirts from them.
What type vents to the Hickey Freeman suit have?
I would highly recommend Benton and Knight. They were my go to tailors while I was at Hampton University. Benton and Knight had great prices but more importantly did terrific work. It took me some time to find a good tailor while in Hampton but once I started having work done there I never switched.
Can you take a picture of the sole of the shoe as well as the inside of the shoe?
Quote: Originally Posted by stinsonbass +1 Agreed.
2 ties remaining.
For sale are 5 brand new black Polor Ralph Lauren silk knit ties with the original tags still attached. These ties retail for $75/tie. I am selling them here for $50/tie shipped. These ties are all identical. 2.5" wide. Paypal is my preferred payment method. I will ship within 24 hours of receipt of payment excluding Sunday.
Are the wholecut Barker Blacks still available???
Is there anyway you can take a pic of the top of the Ferragamo shoes? I would like to see the shape of the toe box to see if it is chiseled enough for my liking. Also can you provide the measurements of the shoe length and width. I don't have any Ferragamos so i want to make sure these will fit me. I wear a 9.5 US in Gucci if that helps.
I just received my order today after placing the order on May 11 and I am ecstatic with my purchase. I believe TM Lewin shirts offer a terrific value and at this price these shirts are almost unbeatable. I went with 4 St. James collars and 1 Windsor, all in the slim fit. I will say that the fine twill on the St. James fabric is not as nice as the twill used on my Windsor shirts but it seems as though it will hold up better. If anybody has any questions about the...
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