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Deco Papworth just arrived! First pic is the truest color. The greyish tones are too light in pics 2 and 3.
Where did you see this pricing? Doesn't show on the website when i just went there.
My understanding is that Handgrade is the top line at AS and is made MTO. They have a pronounced fiddleback wait treatment like G&G. Check out some old Leffot blogs for picture.The exclusive line uses different lasts and has a less refined waist. They can also be purchased right out of stock. The Miller is being built to exclusive standards on the exclusive 724 last (the same one the Moore is built on.)Of course, the pricing of our Miller order reflects the exclusive...
Me too. Hopefully will be getting in a G&G Deco sometime next month.
No. I think I just messed it up when I stuck the shirt and tie in. Darn it! I don't think it would mess with the way the coat hung or buttoned anyway, even on a single breasted coat.
On the same theme, with the end of November at hand, is the Miller boot at completion?
Well, just because one has the interest to try and organize their closet in a nice or effcient manner does not necessarily mean their closets are outfitted with the kind of nice products The Hanger Project carries. I think it is far more stupid to give someone who doesn't give a crap how they keep their stuff nice hangers and so forth....they will still not really care about how they keep their closets anyway. Just give everyone a tin of Saphir polish and leave it at that.
Thanks for the support. I am disappointed so few people took this seriously. I thought this would be a sort of celebration of the enthusiasm that goes into this hobby/obsession.
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A disappointing amendment to say the least. You have basically just turned this into a free raffle.
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