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I agree with the fit of the shoe trees on my Millers...do not fit snugly across the vamp. I found the same thing in my trees for a recent G&G Deco. They cut them very low across the instep down to the toe. They don't fit snugly. I can push down on the vamp behind the toes and their is a lot of space. As for finishing on the Miller, I am little disappointed as well. The leather on the toe box has a very grainy texture. Can't really raise much of a shine. Had the...
This sounds exactly right to me. AS is taking a style normally made only in handgrade and making up the shoe to exclusive standards on an exclusive last.
We did varying widths on the Miller boot.
Fed Ex called. The Miller boot will be delivered before 10:30 AM tomorrow!
Me too! Happy Christmas to me!
Great. In a 9.5 E, a less snug fit than a DG70 9.5 E. I have a TG73 9.5 D and thought it was a bit snug, so I went with the E. Plenty of room. probably could have gotten away with the D. Was worried that they would look a little long on my feet, but don't think so at all. Will post pics when I wear them.Purchased them through Paul Stuart (they came labeled Stuart Limited.) My only complaint is that they didn't put on the toe taps I requested. I don't know if that...
Deco Papworth just arrived! First pic is the truest color. The greyish tones are too light in pics 2 and 3.
Where did you see this pricing? Doesn't show on the website when i just went there.
Are the French Cuff sized like the button cuffs? I have found the button cuffs to be quite large at the wrist (easily fixed by moving the button) and I don't like French cuffs to fit real loose.
My understanding is that Handgrade is the top line at AS and is made MTO. They have a pronounced fiddleback wait treatment like G&G. Check out some old Leffot blogs for picture.The exclusive line uses different lasts and has a less refined waist. They can also be purchased right out of stock. The Miller is being built to exclusive standards on the exclusive 724 last (the same one the Moore is built on.)Of course, the pricing of our Miller order reflects the exclusive...
New Posts  All Forums: