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In that case, I backed Leffot. The shoe in question was a navy shell Westminster made up expressly for Leffot. Profits were being donated to charity I believe.EG was right to say that that design was exclusive to Leffot. Perhaps you could make the case that after a certain amount of time, one could have gone directly to EG. At the very least, they should have quoted the same price point.But let's not refight that debate here.I just keep coming back to the simple fact...
If AS cares about US retailers (do they really have any?), they might take the time to list that information on their web site.What I found is:Leffot has seven styles with a pretty good size run - but running about $200 more than at AFPOS. Maybe with the new AS policy, they will start to move them.Rider Boot has two boots from the Country line - more casual, rugged stuff. $660-680. $435.00 at AFPOS.Now of course you have to add in shipping to the US and play the customs...
I didn't claim they were doing MTO exclusives. I think we can still do that with AFPOS. My point is that if you want to order a stock shoe in the exclusive line, like the Hunt, the Moore or the Ramsey (all available on the AFPOS site), you can't do it from the US. You have to go to US stockists like Leffot and and accept what they happen to stock at the price they charge. In the case of Leffot, the options are limited and the price signficantly more than what one would...
Leffot is currently stocking AS Exclusive. 720.00 for the Hunt. 518.00 at AFPOS. That is what we are getting with this new policy. Does anyone even know of any AS stockists in the US? If this is being done to suck up to Leffot, it is nuts!
Guess that is to protect the rather high prices at Leffot for the AS Exclusive.Hope G&G doesn't follow suit with Bespoke England.My complaint with this policy is that alot of retailers simply don't stock much of a product run. I think Leffot is a great store, but their available stock in my size is very limited. It almost feels as if the stock offerings serve to entice the MTO market.A disappointing development.
What do you want them to do? Send you a free pair of shoes? Oh, I know, Steven from Leffot should fly in, bring you breakfast, and pick them up at your house.
Nice boots but some alarming creasing within the toe cap of the left boot. That is not good!
Has anyone sent their shoes to be stretched? A good stretcher can really target specific locations on the shoe, and perhaps you could alter the fit of the heel to relieve the irritation.
$3 toe taps on a $1,200 pair of shoes?Get the inset metal toe taps (that sets me back $35 at BNelson/VIP shoes.) A much cleaner look than the glued, stapled, or nailed on taps.
Walked around NYC in my Millers today (third wearing) and they are breaking in nicely. Walked from Grand Central up to RL Mansion and back again, hitting some of the after Christmas shopping. I am very pleased with the boots and the fit of the 724 Last in the E width ( I went down from the F width I had used on the Moore I ordered last spring.) I would definitely consider other options in the 724 - a great square toed last that seems to fit me great.
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