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Been driving this for a few weeks. Am loving it! Taking delivery on a rainy day.
The guy and the girls.
Thank god...burgundy shoes are now allowable!
I recognize the button boots that one can find at Leffot.
Handsome...see my aussies above.
Pictures of the gang! Good buddies And doggie porn And finally Lyra-dog with Jasper-cat (who sadly recently passed away but we just got two kittens)
Greetings and welcome to the world of shoe obsession.
I don't see that. The St James II just depicted is on the soft-square MH71 last. I think the TG73 square toe looks like it always has.I rather like the MH71 and that might be my next G&G purchase. My G&G are on the TG73 and DG70.
If it is AS's doing, I really question the wisdom, but let's wait and see. If AS starts popping up with a good selection for the consumer then it will be a good thing.
Though you have to admit, Fiddler, that you vented pretty harshly before you gave Leffot any chance to respond, and when they did respond, they did just about everything one could reasonably expect to make the situation right.However, as my earlier posts indicate, that does not make me a blind fan of Leffot. I have purchased from them in the past (two pairs of Corthay) and thought the service was fine. I like the fact that they have given us access to a wider range of...
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