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My experience has been that most list the UK to US conversion a half size difference (witness the Edward Green 9.5/10 marking) I wear a 10.5 in Allen Edmonds and Aldens. I have gone with a UK 9.5 in EG and C&J. I buy the RLPL size 10 and the Peals size 10. With Paul Stuart choice, if the shoe was made and sized on a British last, I went with a 10. The one exception was a British made shoe they said was made on an American last; I went with a 10.5. The main...
Quote: Originally Posted by von Rothbart Mantellassi How do sizes run in this shoe? If I am a 10.5 in AE and a 9.5UK in EG and C&J and a 9UK in Lobb 8000, any advice on sizing in this Sutor? Thanks.
I assumen those are in Japanese Yen...putting the price at around $1,200.00 Anyone have any line on how hard it is to purchase from Japan? Recommendations?
My vote is for the 82. The outsole on the F last is too pronounced for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by dkzzzz Again I might be wrong. If MTO lasts from their website are in fact exactly the same as RTW lasts then I retract my comment. Currently if one would go to their Web page and click Shoes->RTW one would be presented with a range of shoes that are clearly different from what you see on MTO page. Not true. If you click the "bench-made" you get a variety of styles. If you click "Made to order", you first get a...
Quote: Originally Posted by diorshoe i also have a medallion plain toe in red cognac in U last 44 brand new in box with 3piece shoe trees. same price. very beau OVEREXPOSED. here is a more true color photo: actually these are a bit overexposed too. the red cognac is a reddish color... these also fit more like a 10.5 D slightly snug. same for me, slightly loose, and i am a 10D. Beautiful and I think my size...I wear a 10.5...
Post pics please. I ordered mine (Hayes, Rioja on the smart square last) in April with a promised late September delivery. Wish I had a 3 1/2 month turn around!
I am going to run to my tailor and have my pants hemmed short and my sleeves lengthened....
I rather like these Borgioli:
Came across these Santoni: http://cgi.ebay.com/NIB-Rare-ANDREA-...QQcmdZViewItem Santoni Baird marked 8 D New in box.
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