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Quote: Originally Posted by lefty That's what he said. Masterpiece = Stuart's Choice = Rose. lefty If that is the case, then the Rose line is priced well at Pediwear, going at about 200 pnds.
Most recently (and currently) I believe the single row of nails Peals have been C&J, double row have been Alfred Sargent.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday I think it really depends on the shoe. Over the last few years, I've managed to buy about every shoe I've really wanted on substantial discount, including a variety of EGs, Grenson Masterpieces, shell, RM Williams, etc. I'm lucky my tastes don't run to the more exotic, but a guy can certainly build an exceptional, high-quality shoe wardrobe without paying retail. Well you have done very well! For me,...
My understanding is that the bespoke features a personalized last. I am more interested in the MTO service. The card I received said that significant customization is possible. I am curious what syles and last options are available. At 950.00 for a custom made Grenson Masterpiece, the service seems quite reasonable. I have been very pleased with my Grenson made Paul Stuart Choice shoes.
They will be in New York next week I believe. I was told I would have my order from April 20th in my possession prior to their upcoming visit. I really wanted to confirm fitting and wear the shoes a few times. Dean said my shoes would ship this past week; my credit card was duly charged, but it does not look like I will get the shoes prior to their visit. Manton, what mail service do they use? Oh well.
Trying to get the shoes you want, make and style, by relying on sales is pretty much doomed to failure. This is a clear case of if I like it and want it, I pay full price. I am not going to buy a Lobb on sale just because it is a good bargain. Now, it is true that perhaps seeing a shoe you like and deciding to wait could net you the shoe later on sale; it is also just as likely to be gone.
Hey, Did anyone check out the offerings at Paul Stuart? A rep from Grenson has been there for the past few days marketing a MTO and bespoke line. Aportnoy, saw you were there for moleskins...I assume you checked out the shoes! Talked to a fellow on the phone; He said MTO was 950. Bespoke 2,500. If any went by, what styles did they have for MTO? Last varieties? Leathers? etc. Thanks.
My experience has been that most list the UK to US conversion a half size difference (witness the Edward Green 9.5/10 marking) I wear a 10.5 in Allen Edmonds and Aldens. I have gone with a UK 9.5 in EG and C&J. I buy the RLPL size 10 and the Peals size 10. With Paul Stuart choice, if the shoe was made and sized on a British last, I went with a 10. The one exception was a British made shoe they said was made on an American last; I went with a 10.5. The main...
Quote: Originally Posted by von Rothbart Mantellassi How do sizes run in this shoe? If I am a 10.5 in AE and a 9.5UK in EG and C&J and a 9UK in Lobb 8000, any advice on sizing in this Sutor? Thanks.
I assumen those are in Japanese Yen...putting the price at around $1,200.00 Anyone have any line on how hard it is to purchase from Japan? Recommendations?
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