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Quote: Originally Posted by Andre Yew I think the ultimate effect of snoutiness or blobiness can't be judged until the shoe is on the foot, and the whole person judged head to toe. It's like trying to judge suit silhouette from a mannequin wearing a suit. --Andre Excellent point.
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl Btw, what do your fellows in the Trad Forum think about your latest shoe acquisitions? I suspect they don't like them, but I don't move through the Trad Forum all that often.
My G&G Hayes that just came in.
My new G&G. Hayes in Vintage Rioja. The pics don't do the color justice. By way of comparison to the EG 888 last, the EG looks rather cut off and stumpy next to the elegance of the G&G. A very impressive shoe. Can't say how it stacks up to bespoke as I don't own bespoke. Certainly compares very favorably to my EG or Lobb Prestige.
Shipton & Heneage has an offering for 345.00. They are made by C&J I believe, though I am not sure.
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe I presume, those shoes are a made-to-order job. So Harrydog will have decided, when he placed the order several months ago, what style, size, leather etc. he wanted. Normal practice for any firm, to have full payment before they hand over the goods. Those days, when you paid your tailor/shoemaker's bill only at that point, when you placed the next order, are well and truly gone. I wasn't...
Quote: Originally Posted by medwards Perfect timing for you to meet with Dean in DC this week to place your next order. That is what I was hoping. They are in New York today through Wednesday, but I have yet to receive my shoes. I was charged last week and supposedly they shipped at that time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Panzeraxe II My experience has been that C&J is a full size off. Thus, a 7.5UK should equate to a 8.5US. On my feet, this holds true for the 337, 348, 341 and 200. I don't disagree. The question is how do American sellers mark the conversion. For example, Peals at BB consider the 9.5 UK should be marked a 10 US. So, even though I am a 10.5 in made in the US Aldens and Allen Edmonds, I wear a US 10 in...
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty That's what he said. Masterpiece = Stuart's Choice = Rose. lefty If that is the case, then the Rose line is priced well at Pediwear, going at about 200 pnds.
Most recently (and currently) I believe the single row of nails Peals have been C&J, double row have been Alfred Sargent.
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