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Quote: Originally Posted by tonup277 anyone have a photo of worn weymouths to share? i just returned a pair of BB Peal wholecuts cuz i didn't like the way they were creasing around the toe box. granted, they were corrected grain, so i'm sure the comparison is a bit biased. but the Peals experience has left me a bit hesitant on another pair of wholecuts, even if the CJ calfskin is of higher quality. photos, anyone? I have these Peals...
Looks like an otherwise new shoe....why was it at the cobbler? Having Topy applied?
Instead of moving the button, why not use one of those button attachments...button attached to a loop that produces the same effect..a little more room in the neck. I picked some up at my dry-cleaners. I never loosen my tie and unbutton anyway, until I am removing the shirt. This kind of device lets me get some use out of a few favorite shirts that have gone a little tight in the collar.
If the grey blazer(odd jacket or sports coat) is a medium to lighter shade of grey, I'd go with a pair of charcoal grey slacks. You could wear those with the camel hair jacket as well. I like slacks with a subtle plaid kind of single tone/color (like in many Prince of Wales plaids). That provides some interest along side a solid color odd jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by why18 Recently out of impulse, I bought this pair of shoes. This is a 9D, but somehow it felt rather narrow in the front. Just wanted to know if this is common with Grenson's? I had no problem on a 9D with C&J, Edward Green, etc. Also....any advice on what I can wear this with (other than kilt) is most appreciated. Those are awesome. Where did you get them?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso So true, one almost forgets that he cheated his way to three rings. Check the facts....at the time taping from the side-line was not illegal I think. Is it significantly different from having someone positioned in the stands or press box watchinmg and recording signals. To me, it is entirely over-blown. The lack of taping has really made a difference this year, no? And I find it hard to believe...
Chestnut....82 last I ordered on the 27th. They billed me on 1/11 when they shipped.
Just in from the recent sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas These are the kind of shoes that scare me. They're about the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Before I joined SF, I had a clothing habit, but I wouldn't have dreamed of blowing even $500 on a pair of shoes. Here I am, staring at these $1000 babies and trying to convince myself they're a good value. Bought these from Leather Soul...they are worth it to me! Great shoes, great fit, great...
These just arrived....an E-bay purchase I had Ron do up real nice. Before. After.
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