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Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal_1 you should read this thread first by Demmeter it's a classic Great thread. I would want to do a full resole so as to recork the footbed. Shoes that old and hard worn always feel funny on my feet when I put them on and feel the impressions of the previous owners feet.
I like the design on these EG Telford.
Quote: Originally Posted by Golf_Nerd Is it: ... E width not D ... ??? E is bigger I have a couple of EG in D width....very snug but fit fine. I have the the Beaulieu in 82E...also fit fine if a bit less snug. When I saw the Telford at the winter sale in 82E I thought it would be a good deal. I think the E width has a little excess leather across the vamp, hence the crease causing the pain across the top of my foot. The pads seem to...
I think I solved the problem. First of all, I think I should have bought D width not E; that might have been a factor. I have an EG Beaulieu in an 82E; they fit great. On the Telford, I think the combination of the captoe and the rather low and forward cut of the adelaide throat combined to provide the discomfort where the shoe flexes. My first try was to put moleskin pads on my foot where the shoe was biting. it prevented out and out blisters, but it still...
Quote: Originally Posted by Merckx Nice C&Js time for a new girlfriend I agree
Quote: Originally Posted by 0b5cur1ty Thanks for the responses guys. Looking at the suit again now, I realise that I took the photo in really quite bright sunlight, making the brown look lighter. It looks quite alot darker under artificial light; a pretty dark chocolate brown, hence my intuitive feeling that black shoes would work well. My first thought as regards shoes were the orangey-brown ones in my avatar.. though I see the point about them maybe...
Quote: Originally Posted by CharlesAlexander Just decieded to check out the site, they have some really great prices! I'm thinking about picking up a couple of RL suits. Has anyone ever done business with them? Anything I should know? Do we get any discounts? I checked out the discount sticky, but all the coupons have expired. Check the steals and deals forum over at askandyaboutclothes...there is almost always a recent and still...
I sent him a polite e-mail and suggested that he would look like a more credible dealer if he used accurate ad copy. I directed him to Sky Valet as an indication of what EG goes for stateside.
Edward Green with a 2,000.00 price? http://cgi.ebay.com/BNIB-2000-Edward...QQcmdZViewItem The BIN of 899.00 is almost list price. You would think anyone who would pay EG prices would know shoes. Will people actually buy these and think they got a bargain?
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc I believe we've been discussing this in this thread as well: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=62835 oooops!
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