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Hooray!!Any special orders planned? Am enjoying the shell Miller boot we worked out last year.When is the restock on the Radwell Brown hatch grain in a 9.5 expected?Thanks!
Did you get hit with customs?
Been driving this for a few weeks. Am loving it! Taking delivery on a rainy day.
The guy and the girls.
Thank god...burgundy shoes are now allowable!
I recognize the button boots that one can find at Leffot.
Handsome...see my aussies above.
Pictures of the gang! Good buddies And doggie porn And finally Lyra-dog with Jasper-cat (who sadly recently passed away but we just got two kittens)
Greetings and welcome to the world of shoe obsession.
I don't see that. The St James II just depicted is on the soft-square MH71 last. I think the TG73 square toe looks like it always has.I rather like the MH71 and that might be my next G&G purchase. My G&G are on the TG73 and DG70.
New Posts  All Forums: