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I was just in Shoemart in Norwalk CT and they had Carmina at a 20% discount. As my wife aways says, "that's real money!" I think the discount is only good in store. I scored a pair of black, captoe, single monks on the Rain last. Was tempted to do more but a month back I got the singe monk in suede from Epaulet. My wife just ordered me my birthday present- split toe Norwegian monk from Leatherfoot. I have to show some restraint. I don't know why but in the past year...
Sorry wrong thread
Lobbs in motion Sutton and 2005 (I think)
Great shoes. C&J chestnut is awesome. I have been polishing with saphir mahogany paste wax - works great for me. Disagree with the suggestion to polish with black. Why darken such a great color. I also disagree with the opinion that shoes should be as dark or darker than your pants. Unless you are in very conservative business setting, I find black with navy very boring. The chestnut color really shows its richness next to a dark fabric. Enjoy.
Hooray!!Any special orders planned? Am enjoying the shell Miller boot we worked out last year.When is the restock on the Radwell Brown hatch grain in a 9.5 expected?Thanks!
Did you get hit with customs?
Been driving this for a few weeks. Am loving it! Taking delivery on a rainy day.
The guy and the girls.
Thank god...burgundy shoes are now allowable!
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