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Is PS MTM done by Samuelsohn (like much of the PS line)? What do you get with PS that you wouldn't get if you just went through Samuelsohn at a Sammy trunk show MTM event?
How about. Alfred Sargent for Herring Shoes. Great fiddleback waist treatment. Here is website:
I find Inca and Rain a little generous in the width. I don't want to size down because the fit is good under my arch and at the ball of my foot.I am a US 10.5 and go with a UK 9.5 in EG and G&G. I have the Inca and Rain in a 9.5 as well. I got a Simpson 9.5 and it fits much more like the 9.5 EG. Very (though not too) snuff.I would only size up on the Simpson if you are finding Rain to be the perfect fit. If, like me, you find Rain a little roomy, Simpson in the same...
I was just in Shoemart in Norwalk CT and they had Carmina at a 20% discount. As my wife aways says, "that's real money!" I think the discount is only good in store. I scored a pair of black, captoe, single monks on the Rain last. Was tempted to do more but a month back I got the singe monk in suede from Epaulet. My wife just ordered me my birthday present- split toe Norwegian monk from Leatherfoot. I have to show some restraint. I don't know why but in the past year...
Sorry wrong thread
Lobbs in motion Sutton and 2005 (I think)
Great shoes. C&J chestnut is awesome. I have been polishing with saphir mahogany paste wax - works great for me. Disagree with the suggestion to polish with black. Why darken such a great color. I also disagree with the opinion that shoes should be as dark or darker than your pants. Unless you are in very conservative business setting, I find black with navy very boring. The chestnut color really shows its richness next to a dark fabric. Enjoy.
Hooray!!Any special orders planned? Am enjoying the shell Miller boot we worked out last year.When is the restock on the Radwell Brown hatch grain in a 9.5 expected?Thanks!
Did you get hit with customs?
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