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Quote: Originally Posted by pledge Ok. Now that I have my order in for Vass, I've been considering the JL Vale and/or Chapel. I've read some older threads comparing the sizing of the 888 to the JL 8000. Does anyone here have any input? FWIW, I'm a 7/7/5D in the Grants. Also, any preferences for the Vale vs. the Chapel? Thanks so much. I am a 9.5/10 D in the Grant. I don't have the Vale or the Chapel, but have a number of 8000/7000 lasts....
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyCrockett Thank you, both! Do you know how the last fits relative to C&J's 337 and 341 lasts (I'm UK 9.5 E in both of those)? The last on the Dartmouth is 318. References to EG 82 or 202 would also work for me. Oddly enough, I'm 10.5/11D (I can do 10.5/11E also) in EG 82 and 202, but UK9.5E in the C&J lasts noted above...what's that about? That is odd. I am 9.5 UK in both C&J and EG
Quote: Originally Posted by jcriswel This is strange. You posted a perfectly legitimate question and never got an answer. You want to know if Barker Black is superior to Gaziano and Girling. I do not feel qualified to answer because I do not own a pair of either. In the interest of addressing your question, I will supply the following: Here is a quote from jcusey over at AAAC (he really knows his shoes): "Barker -- I have never seen these shoes...
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Foxx holy $hit....those are amazing! true works of art, congrats on your superb purchase! If I may be crass, are corthays about the same pricepoint as lobb prestige shoes-- or are they higher? A little less with trees added in.
Quote: Originally Posted by von Rothbart Good choice on the Corthay, I consider Arca as Corthay's iconic model. I've got the same pair on my recent trip to Freedom but in a different color. And bravo to Leffot for all the SF-quality brands they carry, I wish they'd replace Church's and Testoni with Vass & St. Crispin. I don't recall seeing any Testoni. No mention of them on their website. I am looking forward to the St. Crispin's visit...
Birthday fun!
I know this should just get thrown in the shoe porn thread, but I wanted it to highlight Leffot, a real treasure for shoe lovers. I went this past Saturday, empowered by my wife to select a birthday present. Came away with the following. Steven was great to work with. Has a very nice selection of EG (I was very tempted by the Perth on the 82, Southwold 888 and a Westminster double monk. Nice assortment of G&G, though most in the TG73 sharp...
Ron, Great response ...very informative (as always). Actually, should be....... I have and wear both constructions. I really can't tell the difference when they are on my feet.
Quote: Originally Posted by John Ellis I'm almost ready to go and buy those PS spectators just to prove I'm not a wimp who lets his wife dictate his shoe choices. In fact I bought some ghillie style which alone produced all sort of snarky comments about kilts and deer stalking. Pic attached. HOOTS AWAY MON. I bought these same shoes on Saturday!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by knittieguy Anybody tried Trickers version of the austerity brogue? http://www.pediwear.co.uk/detail.php?stock_ID=2278 I think it is made especially for pediwear. Only available in one color, unfortunately. Confusing listing....the call it a "wing cap derby" which it isn't. It also has a dainite sole - rather unusual for what I consider to be a rather dressy shoe.
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