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Quote: Originally Posted by von Rothbart Good choice on the Corthay, I consider Arca as Corthay's iconic model. I've got the same pair on my recent trip to Freedom but in a different color. And bravo to Leffot for all the SF-quality brands they carry, I wish they'd replace Church's and Testoni with Vass & St. Crispin. I don't recall seeing any Testoni. No mention of them on their website. I am looking forward to the St. Crispin's visit...
Birthday fun!
I know this should just get thrown in the shoe porn thread, but I wanted it to highlight Leffot, a real treasure for shoe lovers. I went this past Saturday, empowered by my wife to select a birthday present. Came away with the following. Steven was great to work with. Has a very nice selection of EG (I was very tempted by the Perth on the 82, Southwold 888 and a Westminster double monk. Nice assortment of G&G, though most in the TG73 sharp...
Ron, Great response ...very informative (as always). Actually, should be....... I have and wear both constructions. I really can't tell the difference when they are on my feet.
Quote: Originally Posted by John Ellis I'm almost ready to go and buy those PS spectators just to prove I'm not a wimp who lets his wife dictate his shoe choices. In fact I bought some ghillie style which alone produced all sort of snarky comments about kilts and deer stalking. Pic attached. HOOTS AWAY MON. I bought these same shoes on Saturday!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by knittieguy Anybody tried Trickers version of the austerity brogue? http://www.pediwear.co.uk/detail.php?stock_ID=2278 I think it is made especially for pediwear. Only available in one color, unfortunately. Confusing listing....the call it a "wing cap derby" which it isn't. It also has a dainite sole - rather unusual for what I consider to be a rather dressy shoe.
Quote: Originally Posted by Harry Lean My wife came home at the weekend and l showed her the shoe l was going to buy on ebay (first ebay purchase ever). lt was a Church's `Royal Range' spectator. l was really excited about the shoe. When my wife saw the picture she nearly had a heart attack. She called the spec stupid, ugly and f***ing stupid. She said l better not dare get it, she would disown me. She was furious that l would consider such a hideous...
Quote: Originally Posted by pledge Can anyone give some sizing guidance on the Beaulieu on the 82 last? I've heard from some that you may need to size-up, and from others that you would need to size down.... I love the Beaulieu...have it in burgundy on the 82. Went with my usual EG size 9.5/10. I have the 82 in a D width and two E widths and am hard pressed to tell the difference.
Chris, Looks great, though we need bigger pictures to better appreciate the "accessories." Here is my MTM from the Fairfield Clothiers...A Samuelsohn as well. (Sorry but the light made me squint and look sleepy!)
Quote: Originally Posted by John Ellis Why not. Many posters here flock to the RL sales to buy EG shoes. I've bought EG shoes in their sales. One of my favorites shoes, a Sutor Mantelassi pebble grain full heavy brogue, did I spell that right, was purchased in a Bergdorf sale reduced from $1400 to $450! My point was that the fact the shoes are on sale should not be the main reason you buy them. In other words...you don't look through the...
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