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I have the Phillip II in Pewter---great shoe. Were I to add a black prestige...I would do the Sutton or the the Vale. Just love the 8000 last.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy I don't know for sure, but my guess is that some of the suits might be at a low discounted price because they were altered but unclaimed. I do know that Borrelli will sell some RTW suits/jackets with the two middle buttons on a four button sleeve working. The idea is that they can take up the sleeve a bit, if needed, then move the first button to the top. Taking the sleeves up at the shoulder is harder...
I was on the Shop the Finest site looking at some Borrelli suits. Why do they all come with working button holes? Sleeve length is very important and I would imagine most people would need to adjust sleeve length on RTW purchases...I know I have one arm is little longer than the other. Am I mistaken or is altering sleeve length by taking out the shoulder easier than I think. I supposed that to be a real arduous process. It would seem to me that putting working...
Quote: Originally Posted by crwecko Hello. I am looking for wholecuts for a maximum of 250 pounds which are not brogued. I am comparing now the Shipton Pall Mall to the Sargent Pall Mall http://www.shiptonandheneage.co.uk/erol.html http://www.shoes.shoppingsection.co....Category_Code= Are they pretty much the same? I am wondering if there are better ones out there. I would consider buying a 2 or 3 eyelet derby or something similar if I could...
How about the following from Barker At Pediwear for about 200.00. http://www.pediwear.co.uk/detail.php?stock_ID=2181
Drat. They never sent me the list. Anyone have the UK 9.5 offerings?
Quote: Originally Posted by walneal Is that the Dick Cheney model?
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas Having sit on the sidelines a few times now as an innocent bystander, I think I could be convinced to step up to the semi-annual EG frenzy. How does one participate? I gather an e-mail needs to be sent to EG? Any assistance getting in on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Email EG and ask to be sent the list. State your size. They will e-mail the stock list prior to the opening On Thursday...
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl Not a big thing, but your toes are scuffed. Watch out and put some protection on. Pants are a bit long, IMO. Not a big thing either. Shoes aren't scuffed..it is the light. I agree the pants are long...i think they slipped down a bit at the waist when i was in the car....damn braces failed me!
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