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Quote: Originally Posted by pledge Does anyone know if the sale shoes are of the "old specifications", and if so, what does that mean? My understanding is that the sale shoes are from this year's production for their stock line and should be relatively recent generation in design...at least that is my hope as I will be taking delivery on the Rothschild sometime this week.
Quote: Originally Posted by lordofpi I am attending my sister's wedding within the next 4 weeks, and I really want to find a RTW balmoral boot to go with my semi-formal daywear for the occasion. All I can ascertain from this site is the EG Shannons, which are most assuredly MTO (not enough time). Does anyone have any other recommendations on such short notice? You might be able to track down a pair of Lobb Brooklands. I believe they have...
Quote: Originally Posted by jasonsun BB bought Southwick recently? Does that mean it will switch to Southwick from Greenfield gradually for it's suit? Anyone have any thoughts? I suspect they will continue to use Greenfield for Golden Fleece. BB had already sourced many of the 1818 suits and sports coats to Southwick in the past. Now that they own Southwick, it is all the easier.
Talk about being teased. The original post by Iyorito said he had intended a buy it now for 200.00 pnds, but couldn't get it set up right. Said he hoped to do so. Meanwhile the pair I want is already well over that price. Grrrr. I would have been all over the buy it now.
I have a number of wholecut or wholecut-like smooth vamp shoes. My experience: Borgioli: (two wholecuts) virtually no creasing. Martegani: one pair creased; the other (radica calf ) did not. Love the Martegani radica calf. Grenson (two an ankle boot and a wholecut Balmoral) for Paul Stuart: very little creasing. EG Grant (smooth vamp monk): No creasing. C&J Weymouth: no creasing - a kind of a ripple, but no crease. C&J for Peals wholecut: no...
Quote: Originally Posted by ziggyosk They look like they have alot of creases. Is that normal? I have the Hayes in the Vintage Rioja. I have noted they have creased more than a number of other shoes in my collection. For that reason, I will probably steer clear of wholecut or smooth vamps...opting instead for a captoe or wingtip. On those models, creasing seems to stand out much less or is less noticeable.
So what did you do to ruin his tie that you needing to exactly replace it? You borrowed it and wrecked it? You plan to commit a crime with the tie and want to frame the guy in the photo? Details please!
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac I've never seen Cheaney use the oval cutout, even on their top lines. They look like EGs with the nails but they could be Grenson MP, or something else. How so Cheaney....all the Cheaney pictured in the Plal link have open channel stitching...the OP has closed channel. I vote EG or Grenson.
Quote: Originally Posted by pledge Anyone else surprised there's not more interest in the G&G sale? I may be ordering the Rothschild in black. The 337 price is pretty good.
Quote: Originally Posted by mt_spiffy What are the buttons called used in casual French Cuff shirts in place of cuff links? They're essentially two regular shirt buttons sewn together that can be completely removed from the shirt . . . when in place they look like regular buttons. And, where can they be purchased? I have been trying to locate some and no one seems to know what I am talking about. Kent Wang has an assortment of antique...
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