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I suspect you mean Signature Gold...not Signature. The Signature line normally sells for about 300 or so. (listed at 695) The Signature Gold (listed at 995-1295) normally sells for 695 I think. 300 for a Signature Gold is not bad if you like the fit and fabric. My best score was a 1295 Gold for 199.00. Good deal at that price for sure. I hate Banks pricing approach with their inflated, never asked list price.
Quote: Originally Posted by lpresq Care to recommend an alternative, non-AE, in the $300-500 range? Im looking for a fashionable black dress shoe, suitable for court. How about these Martegani, on sale at Francos for 300.00. Simple but classic. http://www.francos.com/items/item.asp?sku5=29188 Good range of sizes...drop Rider a PM for sizing advice or call Francos Another option, also on sale,
PM sent. I'll take : 1)Navy and blue boxes - 2)Grey, black, blue boxes 3) Tan Lorenzo Uomo
5, 10, and 18 for me please.
I love Nagrani socks. Anyone have some good leads on where to buy them on the net. I am looking for selection moreso than a price bargain. Any suggestions? Thanks
Manton, Excellent! I love the way the white shows through the brogueing on the toe cap. Be careful polishing! Enjoy!
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast I like someone who aims high! Hope you enjoy your new shoes. That's quite the elongated last. How does it look on the foot? I love the overall design though. Sharp! It is not really as long as it appears. Here is a comparison with C&J 337 and EG 82 all are 9.5 UK The C&J is the longer of the three. The G&G is actually very similar to the the EG 82, though more pointed. ...
The Rothschild in the sharp round last. This is only my third pair of black shoes in a rotation of about thirty pair; I thought it would be nice to invest in a few nice black shoes, even if I much prefer all the different varieties of browns and burgundies. I am wearing them now; have to say the fit is not great out of the box...the heel cup does not seem to be rounded well so as to cup my heel, but I am counting on them breaking in with...
[quote=tutee;1201626]What??? I called them a few weeks ago to inquire and was informed that there is nothing like that available however a MTM type service would cost 2000 approx with 6 months wait. FD! Deleted
Quote: Originally Posted by culverwood I have a pair of G&G Antibes loafers. They were MTO so there was no way I could try them on. I have worn them half a dozen times now and have to say they are the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I have. Obviously with RTW you can try them on and see how the last suits you and with bespoke you can keep working your first pair of shoes until they have your last 100% right. With MTO on the other hand you are in...
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