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New Borgioli...a make that doesn't get much love here at SF, but I rather like them - from their elite FAM line. Scored them at a local shop having a remodeling sale...the 60% discount was [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] According to the store owner, Borgioli will be pulling out of the American market. He said that the bulk of their production was being bought up for sale in Russia.
I suspect you mean Signature Gold...not Signature. The Signature line normally sells for about 300 or so. (listed at 695) The Signature Gold (listed at 995-1295) normally sells for 695 I think. 300 for a Signature Gold is not bad if you like the fit and fabric. My best score was a 1295 Gold for 199.00. Good deal at that price for sure. I hate Banks pricing approach with their inflated, never asked list price.
Quote: Originally Posted by lpresq Care to recommend an alternative, non-AE, in the $300-500 range? Im looking for a fashionable black dress shoe, suitable for court. How about these Martegani, on sale at Francos for 300.00. Simple but classic. http://www.francos.com/items/item.asp?sku5=29188 Good range of sizes...drop Rider a PM for sizing advice or call Francos Another option, also on sale,
PM sent. I'll take : 1)Navy and blue boxes - 2)Grey, black, blue boxes 3) Tan Lorenzo Uomo
5, 10, and 18 for me please.
I love Nagrani socks. Anyone have some good leads on where to buy them on the net. I am looking for selection moreso than a price bargain. Any suggestions? Thanks
Manton, Excellent! I love the way the white shows through the brogueing on the toe cap. Be careful polishing! Enjoy!
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast I like someone who aims high! Hope you enjoy your new shoes. That's quite the elongated last. How does it look on the foot? I love the overall design though. Sharp! It is not really as long as it appears. Here is a comparison with C&J 337 and EG 82 all are 9.5 UK The C&J is the longer of the three. The G&G is actually very similar to the the EG 82, though more pointed. ...
The Rothschild in the sharp round last. This is only my third pair of black shoes in a rotation of about thirty pair; I thought it would be nice to invest in a few nice black shoes, even if I much prefer all the different varieties of browns and burgundies. I am wearing them now; have to say the fit is not great out of the box...the heel cup does not seem to be rounded well so as to cup my heel, but I am counting on them breaking in with...
[quote=tutee;1201626]What??? I called them a few weeks ago to inquire and was informed that there is nothing like that available however a MTM type service would cost 2000 approx with 6 months wait. FD! Deleted
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