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I don't understand why you can't send it to Oxxford and have them make the suit based on the sports coat. How would sending it to a MTM be any different, other than being less expensive?
I don't like it when the tie shows on either side of the knot. That is what is wrong for me in the last picture. For the most part, the others are okay.
Where do you get Crema Alpina? I used it a few years back, but have been unable to source it of late.
When I just went to use the code, it gave me the discount but did you note:Code applied : 20% off full-price for seconds requestsDoes that mean the shoes are seconds? Unclear to me.
You didn't miss it; I edited the post.Yes, I think the PS shoe department rocks. Don't forget to throw in the Grenson masterpiece. I think they are still being made. I don't know who does their Italian makes.I don't get into NYC that often, but PS is always a priority stop.
On the 106.
Yes, they had some very nice single monks by AS with the same, very elegant waist.
Alfred Sargent for Paul Stuart. Paul Stuart continues to impress with their great range of shoe offerings. My favorite place to shop for shoes. Midnight blue calf and suede. On last 106 Great waist treatment The flash really brings out the blue. They are much darker in natural light. The suede is dark blue not grey. Will try to add some pictures in natural light tomorrow. Only available in the store; not offered on the web site. I am very pleased with these. ...
I was rather disappointed in my Radwell boots. The color really came out of one of the shoes when I polished them. For what ever reason the color didn't really set. Could see that the laces had rubbed it off the tongue. When polished with brown paste wax many light patches appeared on the shoes. Didn't want the hassle of mailing them back to the UK, so I sent them out locally to have them redyed. Meant to take pictures, but..... Hope to see them salvaged.
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