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Very nice. I have no problem with wholecuts with a medallion; reminiscent of the C&J Weymouth. I like the lines of the Herring better than the BB Peals. The price on the Herring is very good as well.
Yes, I tie them. Why not? Takes ten seconds. Looks neater on the shelf.
I have the Radwell. When I polished it with brown polish, the color on the shoe lifted off and it really looked like crap. I have sent the shoe out to be re-dyed. Hopefully, it comes back much improved. All in all, a very disappointing job from AS, to say the least.
Alfred Sargent for Paul Stuart And EG Claverton
Rob,Where and what do you teach?I am back to school on Tuesday (I chair the history department at an independent day school on CT.) Our formal school uniform features a red and blue regimental stripe and I will be rocking the new tie I just got from you.
I am liking the Grosvenor Monk. Might sign up to be notified when it is back in stock. The make up is similar to a recent AS I got at Paul Stuart.
I wanted to stop reading when it recommended black loafers.
I don't understand why you can't send it to Oxxford and have them make the suit based on the sports coat. How would sending it to a MTM be any different, other than being less expensive?
I don't like it when the tie shows on either side of the knot. That is what is wrong for me in the last picture. For the most part, the others are okay.
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