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Love the finishing, but the aesthetic of that monstrous square toe really leaves me cold. Was that mandated by fit concerns?
I don't like the suit, don't like the shoes. So at least you have consistency going for you. Everyone can stand having a good, basic gray suit. That doesn't fit the bill. With the black accents, it looks like it is trying to be a tuxedo. Just go with a solid mid-gray suit. The shoes look cheap. Go for a balmoral not a derby (that means closed lacing vs. open lacing.). If this is your first foray into suits and "dressing up," black is definitely the wisest choice.
Good question. I was victimized by the bad leather on a pair of Chukkas from AS. The color came off when I polished the shoes.
Usually a whole cut is a later addition after you have gotten some basics like a cap toe. That said, the color is great. I would wear them with a suit or even nice slacks and jacket. probably not more casual than that. Of course, if you get a more casual shoe, you won't want to wear them with a suit. I would do them with navy, charcoal or mid grey. Enjoy. Post a pic of them in action!
\\No, they are made by Alfred Sargent. Check out the description of the 1966 line. I think the makeup may put them on par with the Sargent exclusive line. Very nice waist treatment.This is not the one shoe I'd target to start a more upscale collection, however it is a big step up from what most 21 year olds would even think to buy.Let's show some encouragement!They also feature shoes by Cheaney.
Very helpful. Are all 4929 of your other posts so incisive and insightful?
Very nice. I have no problem with wholecuts with a medallion; reminiscent of the C&J Weymouth. I like the lines of the Herring better than the BB Peals. The price on the Herring is very good as well.
Yes, I tie them. Why not? Takes ten seconds. Looks neater on the shelf.
I have the Radwell. When I polished it with brown polish, the color on the shoe lifted off and it really looked like crap. I have sent the shoe out to be re-dyed. Hopefully, it comes back much improved. All in all, a very disappointing job from AS, to say the least.
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