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Wow...not real helpful...Gabriel is all over the place. I wear a US 10.5 and a UK 9.5 in just about everything (EG and G&G) I go UK 9 in Lobb 7000/8000.I have been happy with UK 9.5 in Rain and Inca...definitely roomy width wise. I like the snug fit of my Simpson monk in 9.5. Probably to be safe I should just go 9.5 in all Bonafe? The opening suggestions seem to support this conclusion.
How about posting a link???? Please
Posh, since you are in NY, just get into stores and try stuff on. I can't say I agree with what I am getting as your aesthetic tastes. I own nothing by Bally, Ferragamo, or Gucci. and to be honest don't plan to. For example, I think the Ferragamo blucher you posted, it is almost a chukka boot, is hideous. I have no idea what one would wear that with. I certainly wouldn't wear it with a suit. If I wanted something like that, I'd go with the Corthay Arca (even if in...
The Connaught is definitely a traditional, conservative last. Yes, the Hallam can appear rather elongated, but it is amore fashion forward last. What strikes me is that, since you live in NYC, why didn't you go into C&J wearing a suit and try on the shoes. The aesthetic issues you note should have been apparent, particularly with the Connaught. Even wearing them around the house on carpet might have led to that conclusion, allowing you to return the shoes. Seems to...
I don't like the suit, don't like the shoes. So at least you have consistency going for you. Everyone can stand having a good, basic gray suit. That doesn't fit the bill. With the black accents, it looks like it is trying to be a tuxedo. Just go with a solid mid-gray suit. The shoes look cheap. Go for a balmoral not a derby (that means closed lacing vs. open lacing.). If this is your first foray into suits and "dressing up," black is definitely the wisest choice.
Good question. I was victimized by the bad leather on a pair of Chukkas from AS. The color came off when I polished the shoes.
Usually a whole cut is a later addition after you have gotten some basics like a cap toe. That said, the color is great. I would wear them with a suit or even nice slacks and jacket. probably not more casual than that. Of course, if you get a more casual shoe, you won't want to wear them with a suit. I would do them with navy, charcoal or mid grey. Enjoy. Post a pic of them in action!
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