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Based on the two pics, the fit looks okay to me. The raised arm will distort the chest because of the lower cut of the arm hole. That is not really a fit issue. Higher arm holes are not that common on lower priced suits. More pics would help. The coat does not appear to be pulling at the chest in picture 1. Only button the top button, by the way. Get someone to take more photos.
Unfortunately the handgrade are all tiny sizes.
Hey all, I like the collar aesthetic on the Alara shirts, but the measurements they post are bizarre. A size 16 Classic fit lists a chest of 40" and a waist of 34". That can't be the actual shirt measurements. I am thinking they are referencing suit sizes or actual body measurements. My Ledbury size 16 slim measures a 43" chest and a 39 " waist in comparison Any experience with this brand? Thanks
and Cleverley and G&G.My point is that the prices range from 300 to 1500 is not really accurate.Has anyone here done a Tim Little bespoke?
From the article: "Northampton-made shoes can range from about $300 for a classic brogue to $1,500 for a bespoke boot." Where can you get bespoke for 1,500? I assume we are just talking MTO here.
There are a number of shoe enthusiasts here at SF - just peruse the various maker appreciation threads to get a sense of the passion for shoes that some of our members have. I am struck, however, by how narrow the high end market must be here in the US. For example, Skyvalet in DC is running a sale on their Edward Green and have substantial size runs in numerous styles. True, the Dover is sold out, but clearly Skyvalet stocked and was not able to move Edward Green all...
My experience as well with the AS Radwell chukka. The color came off the first time I polished them. Talk about $500 wasted.
My point was that there was a great deal of variation in Gabriel's sizing (in a number of cases full size differences.)As I said the comparison of most Bonafe lasts to the Rain was most helpful.
Wow...not real helpful...Gabriel is all over the place. I wear a US 10.5 and a UK 9.5 in just about everything (EG and G&G) I go UK 9 in Lobb 7000/8000.I have been happy with UK 9.5 in Rain and Inca...definitely roomy width wise. I like the snug fit of my Simpson monk in 9.5. Probably to be safe I should just go 9.5 in all Bonafe? The opening suggestions seem to support this conclusion.
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