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My AS hatch grain lost color simply by polishing them. I always condition and then polish a new pair of shoes. When I did so, the medium brown coloration simply came off. All my attempts to darken the effected areas failed. Color simply would not take.
I had a similar issue with an Alfred Sargent chukka boot. My understanding was that it was an issue with the hatch grain calf, sourced from Horween, that seemed to have trouble holding the color. For this to happen on such a high end shoe as St. C. is unacceptable.
Given the low price point and the rather loud aesthetic, I am not getting a positive impression.
I don't know how Jaynes' theory has held up.. I loved the book when I read it years ago. It is certainly an interesting take on the evolution of consciousness.
Not liking the sockless look.
How does an ill-fitting sleeve connote power?
I agree. I have three pair of Falkirk.Dark oak/almond country; Black/grey; and just got a pair in burnt pine. All on the 82 last. A simply fabulous shoe and, as you said, the ultimate brogue.
Hi all, Does anyone know when the June Isaia sample sale is taking place. As I recall, they tend to do a December and June sale. Thanks in advance,
Ozzy, Where do see inferiority on the Meermin? They show almost no creasing from wear, less than on my Lobb prestige. I think they look great!
Based on the two pics, the fit looks okay to me. The raised arm will distort the chest because of the lower cut of the arm hole. That is not really a fit issue. Higher arm holes are not that common on lower priced suits. More pics would help. The coat does not appear to be pulling at the chest in picture 1. Only button the top button, by the way. Get someone to take more photos.
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