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I visited Men's Warehouse, Joseph A Banks, and local department stores. They often have a carousel with pocket squares hanging off them. Look at those and take every available color. Don't get small squares, the best squares are about 13" or 30 cms or so on each side. Smaller squares will fall down in your pocket and need constant re-positioning. After you have built your basic color collection and worn them, you can start to collect more expensive squares.
Go to my tailor: King's Tailor LG 14-15 Houston Centre 63 Mody Road Kowloon Outstanding suits.
I would put the garment in the freezer. After frozen, maybe the glue will flake off. Dry ice will be even colder, but it can be hard to find.
I get my suits and shirts from: King's Tailors 63 Mody Road, Kowloon I have been getting my suits there for over 13 years. Fantastic quality and service.
Quote: Originally Posted by GBR You are making something out of nothing. All this is not going to damage your clothes. Thank you for your reassurance.
Is this a bad idea? I have plenty of suspenders, so I have been leaving them attached to the pants when I hang them. I have 2 questions: 1) Are those common alligator-clip hangers good for my pants? My pants are all cuffed, so the longer blade-type hanger won't work. Is there a better way? While the clip hangers can keep the crease, does the clip itself damage the fabric? 2) Leaving the suspenders attached to my pants adds extra weight to the dangling...
In order to maintain a sharp crease in my pants, I just ordered a Corby 7700 from Amazon. It is costing me about $285. I am sure there is more to this process than just "set it and forget it". What should I be aware of? What have I overlooked? What advise can I be given? Have at me.
I buy cheap casual clothes and expensive dress clothes. I have tailored clothes that are 13 years old and they still fit. I take good care of my clothes. If you follow these steps, you will have SO many clothes, you will just naturally slow down your purchases. I ask myself: Do I need these 150th pair of cuff links? Do I need a 75th pair of OTC dress socks? Do I need these 25th pair of Allen-Edmunds shoes? At that point, I only buy myself something very, very...
I would look for a fabulous dress hat. It will work for you in a temperate climate, like my hometown of Milwaukee. Bring it out every Summer and you will love it. It will "snazzify" your appearance..
I live in Milwaukee and I want to wear my spectators in to the Fall and Winter seasons. We have a true 3 month Fall and we get 3 solid months of Winter. I have both Black/White and Brown/White AEs. Any suggestions on how to pull this off? Are there any guidelines? Any suggestions? Have at me.
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