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xs (or xxs?) in chambrays for me!
Size US8.5/EU42 fits true to size. Worn only once outside. Condition 9.5/10. Comes without box. Item is in Melbourne, Australia. SOLD!
measurements on pendleton? and which part of aus are you in?
measurements on small please!
oh my god i want to slit my wrists! was about to get a gift for a female friend whilst the promotion was active but found out my bank account/paypal didn't have enough money. so i went to the bank to deposit money, came home to find out that the promotion was gone! chris i'd be really grateful if you could make this an exception for me
sexy stuff! free bump.
yes yes yes!!!! thanks kiya.
damnit i was busy the past 2 weeks and i missed this! was eyeing on the b. son mock for a long time but never had the cash. kiya, any sales coming soon apart from the sufu party?
measurements on flannel?
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