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DITA Statesman (DRX-2011A) Colour: Black on black swirl Size: 55mm (55/18-140) Comes with box, leather case and cloth (All DITA). Condition: Excellent 9.5/10. Worn occasionally for formal events only. Open to offers but no lowballing please. Item is located in Singapore & Malaysia (I straddle between both countries). Prices stated are in USD, excluding PayPal fees. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.
I recently returned a pair of shoes which I instructed Meermin to consolidate together with my newly purchased shoe. I even followed Luisa's instructions to put a reminder regarding the return pair in my new order's comments section. Turns out they shipped my new shoes WITHOUT the exchange pair. Luisa realised that she did not read my comments in the order form and sent it seperately few days after. Sadly it's been 3 weeks now and I've yet to see any signs of my exchange...
Okay guys, I THINK I've done a huge mistake and now my jacket looks really long and as if I have dwarf legs. I'm 5"5' so the low button holes are really not doing it for me. (Don't worry about the bottom button, I've asked them to sew it on for me to see if adding buttons at the bottom would make it look less awkward) I asked for it to be 4x1 and I wasn't expecting my lapel to be so long. Is it possible for me to convert it to a 6x2/4x2 by adding a button hole on top,...
Hey guys, any quick remedy for these "colour runs" on my Alden cape cods? Thanks!
I've just realized that my Cape Cod Penny Loafers have this sort of colour leak. Any remedies? Thanks guys!
I know that Drake's do provide to brands such as United Arrows, Beams and so on but can anyone do a legit check on this one specifically?
Anyone knows the maker of these glasses? Better if you could provide the model. Thanks!
Does anybody know which DITA model is the Thom Browne x DITA style 018 based on? Not willing to pay the extra price just because it's TB :| Thanks guys!
Are there any alternatives out there to the Oliver Peoples NDG-1? The upcoming clip on looks great imo.
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