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ah man, those are cool. Too bad im a 29 lol
yeah because generally those are people who have a sense of purpose, and are successful in their own ways.
Quote: Originally Posted by Big Punisher Join Date: Dec 2008 what? And @ ryj, how much do they run? Do they have a website
Where can I buy some leather pants, that are skin tight, or atleast very snug?
Hey, im selling a lot of things on ebay. Most stuff is being bidded off at 5.00. And the pair of true religions reserve is at $90.00. Im selling stuff really cheap, so you can get some good deals ;p Check it out!
I want to get a pair of nudie tight long johns, raw. How much should I size down?
what kind of party is it lol?
Dude im in hs and im telling you absoltuley not. You will be the laughing stock/weirdo. Trust me on this, if you need any assistance with what to wear in hs send me a message, im pro at this
If you can go to philly, theres a place called Earnesto's, its near south street. They make good stuff and are italian
yes los angeles
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