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ssia. Pm if for sale.
They are not on sale at the other site. My gripe is the grossly exaggerated price on Mr Porter. I understand they ship for free and have over-the-top packaging, and that costs $$. However, in efforts to keep a previous customer happy, you think they would send the credit my way. It is not a frivolous price match request at a difference of $190.I appreciate your input, but I am just expressing my thoughts. I realize they are under no obligation to match the prices. I...
I will. The lack of response and unwillingness to maintain the sale is annoying and disappointing.
I had a very poor experience with Mr Porter on my last order. I purchased two full price sweaters. A couple of days after ordering, I found the exact same sweaters on a different site for $190 (!) less than Mr Porter. My sizes were in stock. I emailed them FOUR times requesting a price match before receiving a response back saying: "The prices displayed on MR PORTER remain competitive at all times, however on occasion an item may be priced higher or lower than those of...
Any word on the preorder? It has been much longer than the quoted 8 weeks.
Anyone know of a jacket similar to these that's available? These seem to be sold out, which I understand since this thread was resurrected from the dead.
There are way too many things funny about that.
The shoes are ugly, I'm afraid.
Thanks for the interesting read.
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