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FYI: Over 4,400 ratings now, and still growing. Thanks to all!
Just crossed 4,200 ratings. Also, there are some new shoe brands: Cleverly, Truman Boot Co., as well as TXTURE and Sagara from Indonesia.
More than 3,700 ratings now. Some additional news: We've switched to Allen Edmonds' latest last designations. Sizeadvisors now also uses the latest last designations by Allen Edmonds. For instance, the 5-65 last is now called 65 last, to be in sync with AE's website. Ratings and recommendations are not affected. New brands There are several additional brands – mostly made in the US – that you can enter ratings for (and get recommendations if they are being rated). For...
If you've mentioned this earlier, the discussion could have been prevented. Note that I didn't say you're wrong. I didn't even say I am right. I merely transmitted some information to the OP with the explicit note that I have no information about other sizes.We could have also saved some time if you'd just answered OP's question.
It's quite normal that two people can have different experiences and opinions about the relative fit of two lasts (including width).To quote you:So, how do you know that your experience is a better predictor than another man's experience?
According to the data available at Sizeadvisors:Going up half a size would work, but the fit will not be as good, if the Capitel last in F fits very well (ie. 4 out of 4 stars). There's no information when happens when using the same size.Hope this helps.
No offence, but you shouldn't compare yourself to others.With a foot length of 263mm, your reference size are UK 8 and US 9. This means, the sizes of your shoes should be as close as possible to these reference sizes.Otherwise you don't have enough toe room. The common recommendation is at least 13mm added to your foot length. That's 1.5 units.My guess is that your foot volume is probably relatively low compared to the average, since your shoes are quite a bit smaller. In...
Stand upright.Measure from the back of the heel to the tip of the longest toe.That's it, basically.So, you either need someone to help you, or you build a kind a measurement devise yourself. It's not that complicated: Two pieces of paper, a measurement tape, and a pencil.
It is quite common for people with wide feet to order larger sizes (and thus longer shoes) compared to what they should wear given their foot length.For example, with a foot length of 272 mm, your reference size is UK 9 / US 10. As you can see, your AE are already half a size longer than ideal.The Meermin are going to be one full sizes "too long", strictly speaking. That means the shoes are about 8.5 mm longer than ideal. It's probably not that big a deal as long as you...
Generally speaking, the US and UK sizing systems work by (1) turning your foot length into shoe sizes, and (2) then add a special number. That special number used to be the allowance - the space between your toes and the tip of the shoe. The meaning got a little bit lost when shoe making turned into an industry, but the effect is the same.The AE sizing guide uses 2 units but people find shoes fit better when using 1.5 units, on average. This is where the suggestion comes...
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