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I guess it depends on your height. I am only 5 8. I wore a jacket when I tried the 34 inch strap. it was long enough. Although you could make more holes on the original strap, the problem is that part of the strap that sticks out from the buckle gets way too long.
Just FYI (not sure if it is something that has been discussed here): I know that the briefcase shoulder strap (e.g., on the 256) is too long for some people. I bought a new 256 yesterday at a Filson retail store, and the salesperson who was assisting me was able to replace the original strap with a shorter one. I believe there are two optional purchasable shoulder straps: one is 30 inches and the other one is 34. I picked the 34 inch one.
It is bridle leather according to Filson. I actually went to a Steven Alan store to check the bags out. I personally think the leather on the red label bags is roughly comparable to that on the original filson bags. But the canvas is definitely thinner. I think the red label uses 18 oz canvas versus the 22 oz canvas on the original filson bags.
And their prices are actually the same as the original filson tote bags.
Steven Alan has the red label unzippered and zipper tote bags
it'd be great if you could post a photo of the snap buttons. I am still debating if i should have them installed.
Has anyone had snap buttons installed on the external pockets of the briefcases or tote bags to keep the pockets closed?
Question: a member from the filson with photos thread said that the navy blue bags have a softer material and the leather doesn't look as good. And the fabric tends to attract dust. Do you find these to be a problem? Thanks!
How is the quality of the red label compared to the regular Filson? Based on the pictures I've seen, the fabric seems a lot softer. Not sure if the same kind of heavy duty canvas is also used for red label products.
Hi Rach, How is the quality of Bally? It seems that Bally is one of those high end brands that people all know about, but few people actually own anything from it. Thanks!
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