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So has anyone had a suit or jacket made by this company?
How's the selection at Freepot at say polo or bb? It it worth the extra hour's drive from the Boston area?
In general, which factory outlets in New England have the best selection? Freeport, Kittery, or Wrentham? From what I've seen, Lee, MA isn't really in the running.
June 7
JAB carried the Park Ave. Get the discount card and get 20% off. Not as good as the Nordy sale, but the discount is year-round.
Polo has 1B peak and 6/2 DB tuxedos in thier stores if you're close to one.
Thanks for the replies. I've searched here and AAAC, and there's not much availible on A&B. Jaygatsby's response is the most information I've seen. I'd love to know the results when you recieve your jacket Jay. HelloMrFancyPants, I'd love to try Mr Ned, but I'm in the Boston area. Could you suggest someone comparable in this area?
Can anyone comment on Astor & Black tailors? How do the compare to RTW lines? Canali, PRL, or maybe more like JAB or Brooks?
In the Fleming novels, Bond was partial to 2 seat Thunderbirds, long barrel Colts, and Bourbon.
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