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I received an invitation of the up-coming RL MTM event. So I'm curious if anyone here has ordered Polo MTM. How's the fabric selection? How much customization can be done? Are the suits fused, half-canvasses, or fully canvassed? Are cut-through button-holes possible? Who does the Polo line these days: Canali or Corneliani? Thanks in advance.
I'd say its real. Also, the "made in the USA" shirt is real. Hart-Marx makkes Burburry stuff in the US--actually, Hart-Marx Groups owns Burburry. I've sold some of my old H-M Burberry's stuff on Ebay and I've had ignorant buyers question me because "Only Burberry makes Burberry." I'd be very upset if someone complained to ebay about my auction because of their own lack of knowledge.
OxxfordSJLINY, the picture in the quote above is a Saxony suit, not the Saxxon herringbone suit the OP asked about. The Saxxon suit is a semi-solid navy or charcoal two button such as this:
JDHsatx, what I heard was that the new cut would not only be slimmer, but shorter as well. That may or may not be a problem depnding on how short they new model is.
Recently, RL had their basic Polo II suits on sale, maybe clearance for somewhere around $450 (give or take $25) because their's changing the silhouettel Can anyone tell me if this is still going on?
Brooks Brothers?
Did anyone see Sarkozy in Maine with the Bushs the other day? Charcoal suit coat with jeans, at waht was supposed to be a casual gathering.
This option fits almost all your requirements, except its black, not midnight. Its SB Peak, 1 button, with double besom pockets and ventless. Grosgrain lapels and a buttonhole. It has doulbe reverse pleats, but a good tailor (which JAB may have but most likely doesn't) can remove them. You're not likely to find something like this at this price unelss you get lucky at Filene's Basement or Ebay.
Thanks for the replies. one of the Persols I'm looking at is an aviator style, the other is pretty standard rectangular shape.
Can anyone tell me if its possible to get have prescription lens for PErsol sunglasses? Specifically, I'm interested in style #'s 2224, and 2219-S
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