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I'm tryign to get rid of a BB non-iron shirt. This is a pink pinpoint with Ainsley spread collar, size 17x33. I've worn it once, and washed it once. Other than that, it is in like new condition. I'm asking $35 shipped (CONUS) for the shirt. I'll add pics later.
Brooks Bros/Peal (Sargent) or Tyrwhitt (Loake)
Question about the the infamous CR tie. Is it navy and white or silver? Houndstooth or square checks? Is the blue shirt he wears in the lunch scene striped or is a a blue-on-blue herringbone?
Jos Bank has its DB signature suit seperate jacket at $59 here: Pick up one in charcoal or black. Get a pairo f houndstooth ( trousers, an appropriate shirt and tie and you're all set.
I'm not Trad, though most of my wardrobe is BB or PRL. I'd say my style is a blend of "preppy" and anglo. I most likely I wouldn't wear a sack suit, tassel loafers with a suit or a bow tie with anything except a dinner suit. But I'll say if yo uwant to see how a young, thin guy can pull of the look quite well, check out some of Untilted's pics on the AAAT forum.
Ben Silver and Ralph Lauren usually have DB blazers on their websites as well
Out of curiousity, how do you for sure if the shoes are made by C&J or Sargent or, back in the day, Church's? Surely your basing this on something more substantial than nail pattern? And I'd apply this question for any compnay that rebadges shoes, not just BB. Second, how are Loake's suede shoes? Tyrwhitt carries a suede horsebit loafer that looks quite nice.
Friends and Family starts the 29th, and my salesman told me the deals will be better then. If you're looking for OTR tailors clothes, I'd recommend waiting. The Brothers are also doing MTM event this month: 10% off first suit, 15% off the second, and 20% off all subsequent. Better than previously offered.
Sammy, I'm sorry to hear about your truly horrible experience Would your salesman no send the suits back for corrections, or were they too far gone to even try? I know the MG/Golden Fleece is a better quality product for the price, but I'm partial to the Polo cut, I like the higher gorge and the narrower lapels. I do like the 1818 Regent cut, but that's not availible MTM at this time. Would Golden Fleece MTM allow me to adjust the lapel width and gorge height?
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