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Just a passing fancy I guess. I have both a proper rain coat and a topcoat. I recently saw a well dressed gentleman wearing what looked like a wool trench in black or a very dark navy. I didn't have an opportunity to ask about it, he was getting on an elevator as I was exiting.
Is anyone making a cashemre or wool belted DB trench currently? Looki ngfor something in the Brooks Brothers or Polo Ralph Lauren price range.
I ordered in November, its scheduled to be in-store at the end of Jan. Then getting them cuffs and surgeon cuffs, I'll probably wear it the first week of Feb. If it turns out well, I'll post some pics then. Quote: Originally Posted by ibleedwhite any pictures?
At the end of November, I ordered a Golden Fleece MTM suit with many of the same modifications you asked for--narrower lapels, higher gorge, and a different button stance. I asked about raising the arm holes, but the tailor said it wasn't necesary. This is one instance I wish I had been more forceful in my wishes. I'll admit, as this is my first MTM and its a bit different form the stock pattern, that I'm quite nervous about how it'll look. For those who might be...
There was a NAvy/silver RLPL tie the was quite similar on ebay recently. I was outbid at the last moment.
Southwick does the 1818 Madison (MAde in the US) The Regent and Fitzgeral are made in Italy, I'm not sure who does them.
Will the basics be on sale starting the 15th? Polo II suits, ties, Polo shoes?
From what I've seen here and on AAAC, they do use Coppley MTM services for suit, possibly someoen esle for slacks.
That paisley shirt is pure John Steed circa the 1968, Tara King era
The montage is form a tube vidoe. Cool stuff. Was it here or AAAC that I found it originally? BTW, were Bond's suit s pleated and cuffed or flat/plain? I have the Empire pic as my wallpaper, and it seems pleated. But I've seen some refernces to them as flat front.
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