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Brooks Brother offers two options. Online/catalog/store offers Select, which is a customization of an off the rack shirt. Neck size, arm length, snd body style (slim, trad, regular) , the collar and cuffs, shirt front, pleats, pocket or no. Price rangers from $127.50 to ~375. Not MTM. The Made to Measure offers a full ranger of options, including reducing the bicep, which raises the arm hole. other options include differing sleeve lengths; differing cuff sizes;...
I have a Land's End knit tie that I love. Its far nicer than the knit ties by either Polo or J Crew--both of which I think are a bit flimsy (even for knits).
The Brooks Brother black formal vest is matte silk. It is not pique.
When I was at the Boston RL store in January, I spoke to my sales associate and the men's manager about this rumor. Both we certain that Corneliani makes Polo Blue Label suit, and that would not change anytime soon.
I have 3 Polo IIs, all are half canvas. Polo changed their cut, and I'm not in love with the new model. The suits a MArshall's are "B" models, cleared out recently.
Marshall's is carrying serveral Polo II suits in the basics for under $500. Naturally my store here doesn't have any 44R. If anyone can help, I'm looking for the solid charcoal and grey stripe.
I'm selling a $500 Brook Brother gift card. Asking $500 plus actual shipping.
Ah, but when Bond started his service, Hong Kong was still a Crown colony. Many an old school British officer has their togs tailored on the Island. As for his flat, its in Chelsea off the King's Road. Even if its paid for, and the furnishings were inherited, the place can't be cheap. I think mosto f his galbming winnings went on cases of Tattinger Blanc de Blanc and whiskey--he's supposed to drink half a bottle of spirits a day. I argee, the suit is great, but would...
Given what we know aobut Bond--Naval officer, served in the Far East, and grew up without a penny, I think the most appropriate would be WW Chan. More realistic on a civil servant's salary. Quote: Originally Posted by water I also think this looks a better fit than the Brioni he wore in CR. I seem to remember reading Dunhill would be supplying the suits for the new film. I guess it makes more sense for Bond to wear Dunhill than Brioni. ...
Is the suit a glen plaid? sharkskin? Interesting tie. Can't wait for this movie!
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