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I'm very fond of this suit. Stunning, and exquisit style. As a related question: would it be possible for a good tailor to remove the lapels on a RTW vest? I love three of the BB suits, the regent and maidson grey stripes and the Madison navy flannel chalk stripe. If not, I might look at getting something similar through their Select or MTM. Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Mine has peak lapels on it. Shawl is probably more traditional, but I...
Quote: Originally Posted by EuropeanInterloper Redux And the lapels are notch? Peak? Bizarre questions, I'm sure, but I haven't had a chance to see examples of what is considered classical. On the Brroks Brothers suits pictured? Notch. I believe that's standard on SB vests. On a DB vest, such as Holdfast's lapels can be peak or shawl, I think. And the one HF posts looks great as a city suit.
I think that, of the three Brooks suits pictured, only the middle-- the brown plaid-- works with a lapelled vest. Its king of a British country look, so the lapelled vest works. The Golden Fleece and the Regent are more business-y and would work better without the lapels.
I'd say Jefferson's belief is as true today as it was in his time. 100k for a lunch? there's an old saying about fools and their money. You know what Buffets tells folks at these lunches? "you don't get to be a billionaire by paying 100K to have lunch with someone!" Quote: Originally Posted by kngrimm Buffalo.. congrats. Good luck and I wish you well. Michael: I'd like to make one point. Being 'well fed' was prestigious when you had to be...
What would Sammy MTM at Ari likely cost? Quote: Originally Posted by Gordon Geeko Do you want MTM or are you interested in bespoke as well? Some others to consider: Ari Boston (MTM Belvest, Caruso, and Samuelsohn) The Custom Fit (MTM and bespoke; Greenfield) Louis Boston (MTM Brioni, Oxxford, Kiton) Rizzo Tailor (Bespoke) Raymond Personal Tailor (bespoke) Mr. Sid (MTM Brioni, Zegna, and Corneliani) Zareh's (I think they do MTM Oxxford and...
Worth noting, they're introducing a slimmer fit Advantage chino, called the Milano. The website shows a pleated pant, but in the catalog its plain front. Too trim for me, I'll stick with the Clarks, but some here might be interested. There are two Regent suits in the Newbury store, a mid-grey 2 btn peak and the navy stripe that's in the catalog. Along with the grey flannelly Fitzgerald, there's a real "Mad Men" feel to it.
BB has a Regent fit Golden Fleece made in Italy. Super 150s or 160s I think. I've seen four stripped patterns at the Newbury St Store, all $2400. Cut like the 1818 Regent, but the lapel buttonhole is keyhole. Not as much handwork as the Greenfield, but one thing I noticed--Greenfield GF suits don't have besom rear pockets, the Italian Regents do.
The Peal chealseas are stunning. I like the look even more than the Polo chealseas I own now--which I do wear with suits. Chukkas are I think too casual for suits, but look great with flannels, tweeds, cords or chinos. I'm looking at picking up a pair in suede soon.
Not to hijack the threat, but are there any grenadines left at the Chicago store? What kind of prices?
Quote: Originally Posted by drducky Is that non-shatnes? I have a LB by attolini suit that has the tag and dangling thread Dunno. But since Greenfield is Jewish, he's probably ok with what he wrote
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