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Any word what the SAS sale will be for suits?
Does anyone have experience with the Loake Kew punch cap bal, or the Shoemaker range in general? How does this like compare in quality to, say, Allen Edmonds? These may be a bit over your range, but I can highly recommend them.
Quote: Originally Posted by furo I also picked up a pair of Brooks Brothers Advantage Chinos in their Milano (slim) cut. I haven't worn them yet, but they fit fairly snug and I have runner's legs. They have a crease in them but not sure if they are a perma-crease. I have a pair of the Advantage Clark chinos. About a year old, worn about a dozen time and washed about a dozen times. The still look brand new, including razor sharp crease. I've...
Quote: Originally Posted by Spark Polo has a pretty wide range as well. I have heard good things about the "GI" models. For fit, how do the GI chinos compare to their Prospect chinos? Or which Bills model would the GI chinos be similar to? Any experience with J Crew's Premium Officers?
What do you think of the Newbury St Brooks post-renovation? Quote: Originally Posted by Dewey Brooks Brothers does make some truly mediocre gestures toward luxury living, but in general I don't think it's right to judge them as a luxury brand. The seersucker suits, the silk robes, the fun shirts, the dandy shoes, and the weird regatta sports coats are peripheral to their core business and aesthetic, which is much too "yankee" to be luxurious. "Yankee...
How does Mr. Ned's work compare to WW Chan, Hemrajani Bros, or Izzy at LS? Quote: Originally Posted by Shirtmaven I have had Mr. Ned make me several suits, sportscoats, and pants. I have to be up front that Ned and his son, Vahram send me customers. I also return the favor. I am quite pleased with the work and fit. I am not an easy fit as I have very sloping shoulders. They cut everything on the premises. Pants are made in their loft, but the...
Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check him out.
I've a couple shirts that need to have the sleeves shortened about 2 inches. Can anyone recommend a tailor in the Boston are that will do this correctly--ie, moving the sleeve placket, rathern than shortening the placket, and leaving the sleeve unbalanced? How much can I expect to pay for this?
Different Brooks blazers have different buttons. I think right now, the Brooks Ease has a hanging sheep, the Country Club has a BB, and the GF has flat gold buttons with black enamle outlining a hanging sheep. The Regent has pewter buttons with the hanging sheep. I've seend older buttons with some kind of castle design. Not sure what the 346 has.
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